The least-sexy woman in the world …

… is, in my oddball opinion, Aubrey O’Day.

You might remember O’Day from that Diddy MTV show, Making the Band. Or from Danity Kane, the one-hit wonder “supergroup” that resulted from the program. They sang this awful-yet-sorta-catchy tune …

Anyhow, I just noticed on Twitter that O’Day was somehow suggested as someone I should follow. There was a link to her website, so I went. Here’s the link. Now obviously O’Day is sorta hot and good looking and all that. But she’s soooo sadly deliberate, it takes away the appeal. Do you have to thrust out your (fake) boobs in every photo? Do you have to make that phony I’m-sexy-though-if-you-think-about-it-I-sorta-look-like-I’m-pooping-out-a-stubborn-one come hither look?

Just be yourself, sis. It’ll work out just fine.

But I still won’t follow you.