James Dolan—Don’t Do This.

According to multiple reports, the Knicks have offered Denver an insane package in exchange for Carmelo Anthony (and Chauncy Billups). New York, a low playoff team as we speak, is willing to give up point guard Raymond Felton, forward Wilson Chandler, fat Eddy Curry (and his expiring contract), Danilo Galinari and a first-round pick.

Why? Because James Dolan, the owner from hell, has taken over.

When, before last season, New York hired Donnie Walsh to run things, people throughout the city let out an enormous sigh of relief. In his years with the Pacers, Walsh proved himself to be a smart, capable, wise executor who surrounded himself with good people and whose ability to judge talent was unparalleled. He has more than proven himself in his time with the Knicks, taking a crap franchise overwhelmed by horrible contracts and making it a sleek playoff contender. Are the Knicks great? No. But they’re entertaining, talented, young and on their way. They have a singular star, Amar’e Stoudemire, and have surrounded himself with a very capable supporting cast—Galo, Chandler, Felton, Landry Fields and Toney Douglas.

If Dolan has his way, all will go to shit. The Knicks will be yet another team with two scorers, few capable role players and little defense. They’ll boast that all-important “star power,” but “star power” alone doesn’t win. You need, oh, depth. Character. Intensity. Anthony is an excellent offensive player, but can he carry a franchise? No.

But Dolan is an idiot. A greedy, obnoxious idiot; one who equates the inheritance of money with intellect and know-how. He ran this franchise to the ground, watched it rebound—and is about to see it quickly plummet once again.

4 thoughts on “James Dolan—Don’t Do This.”

  1. if the knicks can make that trade, they should unquestionably do it. billups is at least still as good as felton and the contract length is the same. i like chandler and gallo but what they give you is more than made up for by carmelo. he’s that much better. you would still have fields, douglas, a promising young center in mozgov and azubuike coming back at some point. the knicks would be foolish not to do it.

  2. I generally agree that we shouldn’t give up too much but if it ends up being Chandler, Gallinari, Felton, Curry, Randolph, it makes sense. If we get Melo, we can’t resign Chandler. So then it’s Gallinari for Melo and Felton for Billups. Curry and Randolph are corpses anyway. Makes sense. Let’s not give up Fields though.

  3. I struggle with the idea of giving up so many players for Melo (michael, I disagree that Felton for Billups is a wash – I’d much rather have the former), but the real issue here is that Amare needs real support. Whenever he’s on the bench, the team essentially falls apart. The result of this is that D’antoni is playing STAT way too much and it’s going to ruin his knees.

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