The big trade is complete!

After much debate and discussion and deliberation, the Nuggets and Knicks have finally worked out a deal.

Renaldo Balkman is back in New York!

Yes, the Knicks were able to work out a deal to acquire the dreadlocked swingman, who was drafted out of South Carolina by the team in 2006. New York also acquired Corey Brewer, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter and Carmelo Anthony.

Balkman has yet to address the media.

2 thoughts on “The big trade is complete!”

  1. Hey, the Knicks found themselves quite a rare commodity … the only ex-South Carolina Gamecock player who’s currently on an NBA roster!

    So, that’s like finding a mint condition Batman comic from the ’50s, right?

    Would you believe an dog-eared Aquaman from the late ’90s?

    OK, a “Transformers vs. G.I. Joe” No. 3 with the cover ripped off.

    Still, you don’t find those on eBay every day!

  2. I’m sure glad I’m not a Knicks fan. You can’t win Championships without a defense. Carmelo doesn’t know what that is.
    Once again Thomas goes dyslexic and thinks he has Renaldo Blackman.
    I’m sorry Knicks fans Thomas really is back.

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