My day

It’s 8:10 pm, and I’m sitting in Room 137 of a Best Western in Clearwater, Florida.

Today was my first spring training day. Working on a whole slew of stuff. In no particular order, I:

Spoke at length with Ryne Sandberg. Sat down with Russ Adams and David Wright. Followed around Jay Horwitz. Shook Bobby Bonilla’s hand and was 50% blown off by Jason Isringi’veneverfullyfiguredouthowtospellhislastnamehausen. Got in the car around 2, drove, ugh, five hours to Clearwater. Burned a CD for the car. Here are the tracks (feel free to mock at will):

1. Hello Morning—Mutlu

2. Open Letter to a Landlord—Living Color

3. Hey Soul Sister—Train

4. Peace Sign/Index Down—Gym Class Heroes
5. Mercy—Duffy

6. Photograph—Nickelback

7. Change—Blind Melon

8. Airlplanes—B.o.B

9. Waterfalls—Steve Poltz

10. White Horse—Taylor Swift

11. Bittersweet Symphony—The Verve

12. Firework—Katy Perry

13. Jar of Hearts—Christina Perri

14. Love the Way You Lie—Eminem

15. Not Afraid—Eminem

16. Moon River—Henry Mancini

17. I Need A Dollar—Aloe Blacc

3 thoughts on “My day”

  1. Love the switch it up Henry Mancini in there on a road trip. Can’t go wrong with a little Willie Nelson either (even though I can’t stand country). Or how about some Scott Joplin. It’s fun to be eclectic.

  2. You got me thinking. I was surprised Andy Williams was still living AND he’s still singing.
    I appreciate the local talent choices.
    I respect those that actually PLAY music. Not a big fan of artificial music.
    It seems to me you focus a lot on lyrics. I would expect that since you are a writer.
    Nothing wrong with that.
    If you haven’t you might want to give a listen to John Prine, one of music’s best writers,

    Bonnie Raitt singing Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery”

  3. Thank you for providing the name of your hotel, location and room number. I have charged several international calls already and since I know you are down here to cover spring training, I can probably figure out when your room will be unattended. Thanks Again.

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