When athletes attack

I loved watching this. I suppose, had a camera been in the hallway, John Rocker threatening to kill me might have made the list. That would have been sorta funny. But not really.

Having just blogged about Jon Rauch being sort of a tool, I’m probably supposed to go see him face to face tomorrow. However, the Jays’ camp in five hours away from here in Ft. Lauderdale. And, on a side note, the man could absolutely beat me into the ground.

Which wouldn’t be so fun.

7 thoughts on “When athletes attack”

  1. Maybe you deserve it if Rauch decides to make you the new Hubble telescope.
    Since you have absolutely no idea what is going on in his head what gives you the right to criticize.
    It is obvious he loves his family very much.
    Maybe he is depressed for not being around them right now.
    Maybe he is having marital problems.
    Maybe his father or mother is having health issues.
    Maybe he knew who you were and didn’t care to talk to you, only.
    Maybe, maybe, maybe.
    Lots of reasons for not looking up, you’re bothered because you didn’t get the respect you think YOU deserve.
    When you get your chance you don’t ask anything about his game. You don’t ask about baseball. You ask about an old tattoo.
    Are you working for the National Enquirer?
    Maybe if you ask a relevant question you get more time.
    Maybe even eye contact. Instead you ask about an old tattoo. Something representing a very painful time in his life, something he has more than talked about.
    It only took me about 2 minutes to find out about his tattoos on the internet.
    Maybe if you had connected with him by telling him you respect him for his family devotion you might have made a friend, instead you DID sound like a geek freshman plebe.
    Maybe there was a better way.

    1. jmw, numb post written by someone who has never been here. i’m sorry, a guy has an enormous tattoo on his neck and enormous tatts covering his body. they’re natural things TO ask about, even if they’ve been covered before. in fact, they’re a helluva lot better to ask about than his era or Ks or whatever. it’s about color, description, etc. and even if a guy has talked about it 800 times, 801 can be different.

  2. What do the Tats have to do with Baseball?
    They are natural to talk about if you’re Joan Rivers.
    Ask about the job, not fashion. Unless you are writing for Inked Magazine.
    It has to be frustrating for a player. Busting his butt playing the game and all some guy wants to talk about is his skin!

  3. ahh, the old “don’t talk unless you’ve been here” meme. are the writers now stealing that from the players and using it on *their* critics? it’s hard to keep up with what we can and cannot have an opinion on anymore.

    you can complain about the rudeness but you can’t complain about him not wanting to talk about his neck tat, especially if he’s talked about it a million times before. at least he gave you a reason! and he didn’t waste his & your time with a stock BS answer he’s used all those other times.

    on an aside, i don’t know if it’s just my machine but that sociofluid wp plugin you’re running is killing this site’s performance. each page loads about 50%, stalls for ~90 seconds waiting for sociofluid, then loads the bg colors and comments, etc.

  4. My final comment on this Jeff.
    It is OLD news.
    He has had the Tat for at least 2 years. It has been discussed and discussed. Will it have to be brought up every year of his career?
    What it tells him is you know nothing about him except you think he is a freak show.
    It is the same mentality as the swimsuit edition. Swimming is a sport – Therefore – Girls in swimsuits made of paint is a Sports story.

    1. My final comment on this jmw.
      You have no idea. Clearly, you don’t.
      When you’re writing about people, you ask them about themselves. Not just their stats; not just questions that generate “I’m happy to be here” blather. You ask about scars, warts, nails, tattoos.
      There was a 50% chance the guy didn’t wanna talk. There was a 50% chance the guy spent 10 minutes describing how the tattoo’s impact on his wife has been blah blah blah. One never knows—but you definitely never know if you don’t ask.

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