My favorite song …

… of all-time is Blind Melon’s Change. I truly believe it to be a work of underappreciated genius. Few people know of its existence, which bums me out. Hence, here’s a look at the tune through myriad viewpoints. Lemme know what you think.

3 thoughts on “My favorite song …”

  1. It’s not a bad song.
    I don’t have a favorite song, several make it to the top.
    You know I appreciate musicians, far too many of them have been lost to drugs. Hoon did this song best, though that could be because it was his.

  2. Around 2000, Rolling Stone included Blind Melon as one of the ten worst bands of all time. RS immediately lost all authenticity they had w/me in terms of music (wasn’t much).

    they had many solid tunes. ‘Mouthful of Cavities’ off the Soup album probably my favorite.

    good post.

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