Yes! Yes! Yes!

Lets of big and interesting trades throughout the NBA. Carmelo. Deron. Nazr. Jeff Green. Eh, others.

Can anyone be happier, however, than Mo Williams and Jamario Moon, who go from Cleveland to the Los Angeles Clippers?

That was actually a strange sentence to write, because who’s ever happy going to the Clippers? But strange times call for strange reactions. In 2011, the Cavs are the Clippers. They’ve become the worst franchise in pro sports, complete with a buffoon owner and, in the newly added Baron Davis, a ball-hogging point guard who’ll jack up 30 shots a game and lose contentedly.

I sort of imaging the conversation with Williams and Moon going something like this:

Byron Scott, Cavs coach: “Fellas, it’s nothing personal, but we’ve traded you to Los Angeles.”

Moon and Williams: “To the Lakers?”

Scott: “No, the Clippers.”

Moon and Williams: “Yes! Praise Jesus! Thank you God! Praise Jesus!”

Baron, enjoy Cleveland. It’s friggin’ cold.