Men’s Nite Out 2011

So I was sitting on Las Olas Blvd. about an hour ago, bemoaning how remarkably un-cool I’ve become, when I began flipping through the local free magazine, Las Olas Lifestyle.

Turned to page 28, which the index promised would be an article about former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden. Indeed, there is was—a piece on Bowden planning to speak at the Jewish Federation of Broward County’s Men’s Night Out event.

And suddenly, like that, I felt cool again.

Being Jewish, I sorta get how Jewish men—especially reformed Jewish men—work when it comes to sports. In short, we’re dorks. Few of us were ever any good, so we look up to those who dominate and rule. Which, of course, is fine—until we host a Men’s Nite Out event and, as a promotional tool, take five of our members and have them dress up in ill-fitted T-shirts and (Dear God) jerseys. I’m sure all the guys above are good people, but, well, eh, ah, eh, ah, mmm, uhm, yeah.

OK, I’m done.

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  1. A good rule of thumb is to not get decked out in team garb unless you’re at a ball game, a sports bar, or you’re on the team’s roster. They probably think the garb gives them an “in” with Bowden, which I doubt.

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