The Florida Marlins: The ——- media experience in baseball

So I wrote a post here about the Marlins stinking in areas of media relations. In writing that post, I failed to first talk to Matt Roebuck, the team’s media relations head. Rookie mistake, since I’m at camp.

Anyhow, a few minutes ago Matt tracked me down and stated his position. I give the guy credit. And I give myself a D-.

Sometimes in blogging it becomes too easy to write something, then just let it fly. Which goes away from the most important journalistic principle—accountability. Whether I’m right or wrong in my take on the Marlins, I was definitely wrong not to approach Matt and give him a chance to speak his side. He also made an extremely valuable point, which I overlooked: Sometimes what doesn’t work for the national media works for the local media covering the team on a daily basis. Which is a franchise’s first concern, generally.

Anyhow, I apologized to Matt, and genuinely appreciate him confronting me face to face. This is a blog—but conversations come first.

6 thoughts on “The Florida Marlins: The ——- media experience in baseball”

  1. You’re right in that you probably should have talked to Matt Roebuck first instead of the blog… but you’re probably also right in what you wrote earlier: “…their media outfit is laughably minor league.”

    I work with a fellow who used to work for a radio station in Miami, and had press privileges like you. His take was the same as yours: amateur hour with the Florida Marlins. And this was circa 2005, so things have not changed much.

  2. Jeff — You wrote “Sometimes what doesn’t work for the national media works for the local media covering the team on a daily basis.” … I cover the Marlins on a daily basis and their limited hours does NOT work for me. Rather, the beat writers have become accustomed to it because we are given no choice. Many other teams keep their clubhouses open to the media at all hours. The Marlins are the only team I encountered that gives writers a limited window of accessibility. I don’t know what Matt said to you but I can tell you that the local writers are NOT satisfied with the limited accessibility.

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