There are things in life that just should not exist. Ever. Under any circumstances. Ever, ever, ever.

Jeff Juden baseball cards. The remake of the series, V. Menudo.

Most of all, the McLobster.

Seriously, can you imagine walking into McDonalds and ordering a McLobster? Shit, I can barely walk into McDonalds and order a Big Mac. But a lobster sandwich? At a place that buys meat by the truckload? Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

I’ve seen the back of certain McDonalds establishments. Even when they’re not dirty, they’re dirty. Greasy floors, selective use of hair nets and gloves. Now toss seafood into that equation.

Uh, no.

2 thoughts on “McLobster”

  1. So much for that snack I was thinking about.
    I am no longer hungry.
    Thank you Jeff I needed to lose a little, too much winter butt.

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