Today’s Wall Street Journal profile …

… is on Jay Horwitz, the New York Mets’ wonderful media relations guru.

To say I admire Jay is no understatement. He’s a fantastic guy with a gigantic heart, and I hope he gets his due by eventually being enshrined in the Mets Hall of Fame.

He’s more than worthy.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Wall Street Journal profile …”

  1. muhammed goldstein

    What happened to the Spanish Porn dvd post? Wanted to forward to someone but it’s had to remove it?

  2. Great read, Jeff. I work in PR in the NFL and I met Jay a couple of years ago. We had a great conversation about our jobs and I walked away feeling like I was a priest who’d just talked about religion with the pope.

  3. Jeff, Nice piece. I have seen Jay so many times and never really got a chance to speak to him. After reading your piece, I feel like I know the man. Thanks for the knowledge.

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