Welcome Back Kotter

Supposedly John Travolta has agreed to appear at a 35th reunion of the “Welcome Back Kotter” cast. Which is sorta cool, because—come day’s end—I’m a fan of reunions.

Got me to wondering what happened to Epstein, my favorite character on the show. Turns out he has a website that, though created last year, sorta looks like something out of, oh, 1998.

Here’s the link.

Though “Kotter” doesn’t go down with Mash or Cosby or Friends or Seinfeld, it was pretty damn good. And, the argument can be made, groundbreaking for the diversity of its cast. There was a true rainbow appeal to “Kotter”—the Jewish teacher, the black kid, the Italian kid, the Mexican kid. All thrown together into one room.

Again, not a brilliant show. But a very solid one.

Happy to hear this.