Sports talk radio

Am about to go on a sports talk radio show in St. Louis to talk Albert Pujols.

As a general rule, I don’t overwhelmingly enjoy sports talk radio segments. It’s nothing personal or even especially interesting. I just consider time precious—the days pass so rapidly, the hours are an eye’s blink. Do I really want to spend that time debating the merits of something I wrote on my blog? Shouldn’t a writer’s printed words be enough?

That said, I get it. There’s air space to be filled. Time slots to schedule. Also, sports radio is a key component when it comes to whoring books. So you hope they remember you, and call back when there’s a topic you’re genuinely passionate about.

One of my big pet peeves today is writers wanting to become multi-media celebrities. I’m not actually talking about radio. But the guys who have to be seen and heard at all times; who bark and snarl and scream and jump up and down, yelling LOOK! LOOK AT ME! LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! Call it the Bayless-ing of journalism.

It ain’t good.

OK, rant done.