Vanilla Ice

Just thought of something funny, figured I’d share.

Seven or eight years ago I went to Miami to write a Sports Illustrated profile of—of all the people—Vanilla Ice.

In the years after Ice, Ice Baby, the Ice Man became a pretty decent motorcross racer, and was really into the sport. So I spent a couple of hours with the man, watching him ride, then sitting in his Mercedes for an interview. He was a genuinely decent guy—a tad crazy, but very nice and funny and aware of his status. He also happens to be financially secure (ie: wealthy), which led me to ask the obvious: How is that possible, considering the downward plights of so many …

He looked at me, 100 percent serious, and said, “Here’s the thing. Hammer, he invested in horses. The Ice Man invested in real estate.”

And that was that.

Word to the mother.

PS: Ice didn’t merely invest in real estate—he invested in Port Saint Lucie … pre-development. Wicked smart.

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  1. Oooooooooh, bad flashback to my days as an usher at GMU’s Patriot Center. Thousands of screaming preteens in mascara and spandex. Bass so loud I had to cross my arms in front of my chest to avoid arrhythmia. Ice, ice, baby.

    I seriously preferred the Iron Maiden/Anthrax show.

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