book giveaway: The worst song/video combo in music history

Here’s the challenge—free autographed book for the winner. Find me something worse …

28 thoughts on “ book giveaway: The worst song/video combo in music history”

  1. I’m thinking that in order to be in competition for worst music video ever, the song would have to be by someone with a real music career, since unknown bands making videos on their own would crush the field, but it would be somewhat expected. So I present this Billy Squier monstrosity…

  2. Arnold beat me to it, but I second his nomination for Billy Squier — How many videos literally killed careers? From Wikipedia: “Squier revealed that his career as a chart-topping rocker came to a rapid and sudden end with the release of the “Rock Me Tonite” video, derided by his fans who saw him as a sellout.”

    I will also add this gem from the same entry: “In 1991, Billy Squier released Creatures of Habit, which yielded only one single, “She Goes Down,” which also peaked at #4 on the Mainstream Rock chart. The title of the track refers to oral sex, and the music video is a very rare item, mainly because it features nude females and sexual metaphors throughout.”

  3. C’mon…this has got to be the winner. Mr.T….singing….wearing camouflage short shorts….this is the worst ever.

  4. As soon as I saw the headline I immediately thought of this little ditty from Slave Raider. Regardless of who wins the contest, I think it’s safe to question what the hell was going on in the “80’s”

  5. Jeff: This was HORRIBLE and had me boycotting MTV LONG before it was “fashionable”…

    So DON’T pay THAT Ferryman!!!

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