Did I steal this mug?

Spent the morning working in Panera. However, the internet is out in Panera and I wanted to check my e-mail. So I cleaned out my mug, shoved it in my backback and came here to the neighboring Starbucks. I’m checking my e-mail—then I’ll return to Panera to continue with my refills.

Is this stealing? Or, at the least, wrong?

PS: I spent yesterday mocking “Rock Me Tonite” as the worst song/video combo of all time. Then I couldn’t get the song out of my head and ordered it on iTunes for $1.29. Weird.

3 thoughts on “Did I steal this mug?”

  1. So let me get this straight… You go to a coffee shop, use the Internet connection, electricity, chair, and table. You sit there all day drinking coffee refills (presumably cheaper or free?) and pull a move like this. And you wonder why the coffee shop doesn’t pay their employees more?

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