Wisconsin and dumb white people

White people who vote Republican tend to be dumb. I’m not talking about the rich white people who vote Republican—they’re just greedy. But what about the poor and middle-class whites who vote Republican? I don’t get it—just seem to be very un-smart.

Take Wisconsin. Scott Walker, the state’s GOP governor, was swept into office on the power of Tea Party-esque talk of saving the economy and cutting spending and such. So here’s what he does: He kills unions; says it’s the most important step toward saving a state’s economy. Of course, he kills unions while supporting enormous (literally, enormous) tax breaks and tax cuts to the wealthiest of Wisconsin’s wealthy. Which makes no sense whatsoever.

Walker: Our economy is in shambles.

Walker: We have no money.

Walker: Therefore, I will give money to rich people.

Walker: While screwing the working class.

It’s astonishing. But not all that astonishing, because it’s what the Republicans do to their stupid, brain-dead white followers. They toss out crumbs (No to abortion! No to gay rights!), then slyly screw them to the moon financially. But the poor stupid whites listen, follow and obey. Almost like they’re hypnoptized. I can’t tell you how many poor stupid whites have bashed and thrashed so-called “Obamacare,” even though so-called “Obamacare” will prevent insurance companies from denying them coverage for previous conditions; even though “Obamacare” seeks to lower the prices of coverage. But “Obamacare” is bad because “Obamacare” is bad, and if Sean Hannity says so, it must be so. It’s crushing the economy. Bad. Bad. Bad.

I’m sick of it. Beyond sick. I grew up in a middle-class Republican town. The people there vote Republican and vote Republican and vote Republican. The people there are also, by in large, union members who rely on the employment protections. So, as the GOP goes state to state crushing unions, will these people finally wake up and see the truth? Or will they continue their sheep-like path toward the green fields of obscurity?