Wisconsin and dumb white people

White people who vote Republican tend to be dumb. I’m not talking about the rich white people who vote Republican—they’re just greedy. But what about the poor and middle-class whites who vote Republican? I don’t get it—just seem to be very un-smart.

Take Wisconsin. Scott Walker, the state’s GOP governor, was swept into office on the power of Tea Party-esque talk of saving the economy and cutting spending and such. So here’s what he does: He kills unions; says it’s the most important step toward saving a state’s economy. Of course, he kills unions while supporting enormous (literally, enormous) tax breaks and tax cuts to the wealthiest of Wisconsin’s wealthy. Which makes no sense whatsoever.

Walker: Our economy is in shambles.

Walker: We have no money.

Walker: Therefore, I will give money to rich people.

Walker: While screwing the working class.

It’s astonishing. But not all that astonishing, because it’s what the Republicans do to their stupid, brain-dead white followers. They toss out crumbs (No to abortion! No to gay rights!), then slyly screw them to the moon financially. But the poor stupid whites listen, follow and obey. Almost like they’re hypnoptized. I can’t tell you how many poor stupid whites have bashed and thrashed so-called “Obamacare,” even though so-called “Obamacare” will prevent insurance companies from denying them coverage for previous conditions; even though “Obamacare” seeks to lower the prices of coverage. But “Obamacare” is bad because “Obamacare” is bad, and if Sean Hannity says so, it must be so. It’s crushing the economy. Bad. Bad. Bad.

I’m sick of it. Beyond sick. I grew up in a middle-class Republican town. The people there vote Republican and vote Republican and vote Republican. The people there are also, by in large, union members who rely on the employment protections. So, as the GOP goes state to state crushing unions, will these people finally wake up and see the truth? Or will they continue their sheep-like path toward the green fields of obscurity?


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  1. Dumb White Middle Class American

    I understand you are a liberal and do not approve what the Wisconsin Governor has done but I RESENT being called dumb because of my race, income status and political preference. First of all, Democrats were swept out of office in Wisconsin and nationally because of the poor economy and their performance white while holding office. We did not vote for Republicans because they want to kill unions and they did not campaign on that promise. We voted for Republicans to put a check on the democrats and do not want a congress in lockstep with the President.
    Secondly, we are against “Obamacare” because we feel this personal mandate is government overreach and unconstitutional. There are some good things in the biil, but have you gone through all 2,700 pages of it yet, and if so, do you understand all of it?

    P.S. You might want to edit your post and tone down the rhetoric a bit and maybe a different title. I am sure the majority of your followers are sports fans who happen to be middle class, white and may lean to the right and may be offended as I am

  2. Was talking to some people in the trucking industry. Not owners, a couple drivers, and a dispatcher.
    Poor white, well one was black. Poor people.
    Currently a truck driver can work a 70 hour week just to be middle class.
    The Dems. want to force them into a 40 hour week. Supposedly to create new jobs. More drivers.
    So now we can have more fuel sucking trucks on the road sharing the same amount of product.
    Their income will go down and you wonder why they would support the Republicans?
    Think about that for a minute.

  3. Blame the Democratic party for this nonsense. I don’t think GOP voters are dumb, necessarily. The problem is that Democrats haven’t given them a reason to vote Democratic.

    Democrats (and Obama in particular) don’t stand for anything. They curl up in a fetal position at the slightest provocation. They’re weak.

    Universal health care is a moral issue — one of right and wrong. Obama never (ever) speaks about it that way. And therefore he can’t get people behind it.

    Democrats always let the GOP frame the discussion of the issues. Always. Always. Always. The party and its leaders are just inept and have been for 30 years.

  4. As to Dumb White Middle class American, It is certainly not good to generalize, but I think Jeff is mainly right. How do republican voters keep voting for those people. They really don’t give a shit about you. Do you really favor giving tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires. Are you in favor of corporations being considered people?

    To JMW

    The Dems. want to force them into a 40 hour week. Supposedly to create new jobs. More drivers.

    Would you provide a link to that information. And you should check out the regulations. But I have to ask do you really want drivers out their 70 hours a week? That seems like a lot. It would seem more taxing than flying a plane and I think pilots can only fly 80 to 85 hours a month.


    Blame the Democratic party for this nonsense. I don’t think GOP voters are dumb, necessarily. The problem is that Democrats haven’t given them a reason to vote Democratic.

    I think you are wrong. The Dems do stand for something. The problem is they don’t know how present their message.

    You are right in that they fold when republicans challenge them. The republicans voted no just about every bill even ones that were not controversial.

    I live in Wisconsin. My brother worked for the legislative council in Madison. I don’t think he knew Scot Walker well, but he did know him when he was in the legislature. He didn’t think much of him or the other Republicans up there.

    I have been posting a bunch of articles on a right wing talk show hosts fan page. I am sure I am hacking them off. I think they take it for gospel everything talkers, like Beck, Lmbaugh and Hannity say. Any response I have gotten back has been pretty snarky. They can’t give any counter points to what I post. I had one person call me a communist. I think a good portion of republican voters need an intervention.

  5. Sanford,
    Just going by the conversation I heard. So I looked it up.
    Hours-of-Service Regulations:
    Realize these drivers have sleepers. They sleep then drive 10-14 hours. That way they can get home to their families and still make money,
    The main driver safety issues are with drivers that cheat on their log books, changing regulations won’t change that.
    I’m thinking this is the change they oppose.
    I’m not sure, and I’m too tired to add it all up.
    The three of them seemed to be in agreement, all three were from different companies.

  6. Jeff,
    I enjoy your Blog but stick to sports and leave politics out of the equation. I am sorry to inform you but BOTH parties are corrupt. You are an educated man yet you come across very naive in this blog. Don’t just cherry pick from the debate. This country is choking on the entitlements the Democrats have put into place. Taxpayers are being swindled by a system in which their interests come second. Wisconsin’s ongoing crisis is exposing the channeling of taxpayer money to unions, and then to Democrats. How do you think Obama became a millionaire? Public sector unions give 99% of their contributions to Democrats. Then the unions sit across the bargaining table with the same Democrats to negotiate wages salaries and benefits. These are paid out of the coffers of the state treasury which, in turn, gets its money from taxpayers. So taxpayers, in effect, pay the unions to negotiate with the state on wages, salaries and benefits for their members. If these negotiations result in higher wages and salaries and/or more expensive benefit outlays, taxpayers are paying twice over.
    The days of cradle to grave jobs/benefits is over in this country.

  7. If you were smart enough to look at voting statistics you’d find that the vast majority of poor white people vote democrat. This is a fact that is even MORE rigid in the supposed backwards of the backwards south. If you had actually grown up in a poor community for any stretch of time and not been an ignorant yuppie and gotten all your information from the US news media (who constantly try to bash poor people) you would know this. Or once again you could look up voting statistics that are freely available on the internet. Beyond that there are no poor tea partiers and the bigotry you (and the media) try to place on poor white people is illadvised. The vile KKK was full of people that went to country clubs, not the poor white people yuppies try to blame. You’re just another yuppie ignorant idiot.

  8. Smart Than Wisconsin

    Its the water and they do not make a water filter that filters out stupid. Sorry you stupid idiots that live in Wisconsin.

  9. Hey Edith, look-

    it’s another one of those whining, offended people. They’re everywhere these days, writing posts instead of doing something.

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