And just when life was sucking …

… Brian Hickey directs me to this.

And all is good in the world.

Bully FAIL w/ Commentary from John Morgan on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “And just when life was sucking …”

  1. i hope the punk ass lil kid’s father and mother are pleased with their son’s actions, striking a timid (if bigger) kid who wasnt defending himself repeatedly. hey, if you mess with a bull you just might get the horns skinny boy. I also loathe his bigger pal who steps in to “protect” him, the girls who watch the episode unfurl and the jackalope who videotaped it. Nice. Classy.

    i dont have any sympathy for the bodyslam-ee at all. life is full of surprising consequences for your bad choices, i say its a good life lesson learned early!

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