One of the saddest photos I have ever seen. Ran in today’s New York Times.

I’m in a New York City coffee shop.

Her being is in shambles.

Somebody tell me how life is fair?

4 thoughts on “Heartbreaking”

  1. It’s not fair. Times/situations like whats going on in Japan right now should make you, me sit up and be thankful for things a bit. If you ever expect it to be fair then expect to get a kick in the a$$.

  2. Not only is life not fair, which you know, but it has nothing to do our experience in the world. Continue to be empathetic, Jeff – it’s a strength, not a weakness.

  3. It’s not fair. Not for her, not for the millions of children throughout the world who lack access to decent food, water, shelter and medical care, not for any of the billions of people worldwide whose lives aren’t as comfortable as the average American citizen’s.

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