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Screwing the pooch

A few second ago, while chatting with a friend via Facebook, I used the phrase, “screwing the pooch”

As in, “I screwed the pooch.”

It was an odd language choice, because I haven’t said “screwed the pooch” in a sentence since my days at Mahopac High School, when we all found it to be a hilarious turn of speech. I’m not sure why it was funny. Or why it even existed. When one Googles “screwing the pooch,” he actually finds this riveting Wikipedia explanation. Apparently, the term originated as “fucking the dog,” but that was a tad too vulgar. So it was dialed back to “screwing the pooch.”

Love it.

Speaking of screwing the pooch, I sure screwed the pooch yesterday. Can’t get into how or why, only that today is one of the lowest days of my life (not including various deaths). Man, sometimes life sucks.