The never-ending bully story

Here are the details of the incident and its aftermath, if you’re interested.

I hate that the big kid was suspended.

Hate it.

As a parent, I don’t love the idea of violence (obviously). But if there comes a day when one of my kids is being thugged, and I hear that he or she fought back and kicked the living shit out of the thug, we’re making a trip to Friendly’s. And if I ever—ever—hear of my kids being the bullies, well, it’s Dre Day in the Pearlman household.

7 thoughts on “The never-ending bully story”

  1. My advice to my kids will be different than my parents’ advice to me. My advice to my kid will be to hit the bully in the nuts as hard as you can.

  2. The comment from the professor in that story is ludicrous. “He should have told a teacher.”

    If this kid had been bullied constantly I am sure the teachers were aware of the problem and did nothing.

    The kid handled it exactly the way it should have been handled. People will think twice before messing with him again, no doubt.

  3. When I was real young (before 6) there was a kid down the street that was evil.
    He was my only friend.
    He hit me over the head with a rake, among other things.
    My mother always preached don’t hit him, try to get along, etc.
    It caused enough emotional trauma that we had to move.
    Then my mother told me to go ahead and hit back.
    There was a kid down the street that had issues, his dad was an alcoholic. He always seemed to pick fights. He took the wrath of all my pent up frustration.
    I still have always tried to avoid conflict, but it did me a lot of good to fight back.
    Many years later I ran across that ‘evil’ kid. He apologized for what he had done. It seemed to me his wife was controlled some, but it could have just been my personal perception.

  4. Jeff,

    Long time fan of the blog. I feel the same way. My kids the bully…his ass is grass…If my son is being bullied…he better defend himself….Although I dont tell friends that…and as a teacher I know that the system of telling the teacher makes it worse

  5. My parents always told me not to start fights and that if I ever did I would be in serious trouble, but that if someone hit me I had their permission to hit back. I will tell my kids the same thing.

  6. The notion of the victim being punished is so infuriating, that it has become my cause in my school district.

    I sit on an anti-bullying committee where we had a meeting covered by a Newsday reporter. The article came out MArch 9th. It starts off with…………
    A father leaned forward in his chair and asked: Why are bullying victims punished for fighting back?

    I sent the committee and the school superintendent this article and the link to this blog.

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