The risk of fart identification

Took my daughter to the orthdontist today. While she was having her braces adjusted, the son and I hung in the waiting area. The boy is 4, and still trying to fully grasp this whole toilet thing.

As he was playing with some plastic letters, I smelled gas.

“Emmett …” I said.

“What, Dad?”

More gas.

“Emmett … do you have to go pottie?”

“No,” he said.

“Emmett, I smell gas.”


It’s times like these when you remember that other people are around, and your son is not the only one who farts.

1 thought on “The risk of fart identification”

  1. Need the fart version of that chemical that people put in their pools to ensure that in-the-pool pee-ers are identified for everyone to see.

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