Today’s column …

… is on the ideal candidate to replace Bruce Pearl at Tennessee.

Hint: It’s not a young, energetic, up-and-comer with lots of cliches and a clipboard.

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  1. Great article Jeff. But to me, the answer isn’t having Pat Summit coach the men’s basketball team, it’s Tennessee firing Hamilton and replacing him with Summit as AD.

    She’d have the toughness to say that Tennessee isn’t going to take the cheating crap anymore and also the credibility to talk to coaches about how winning and being a decent human being aren’t morally exclusive.

  2. Doubt she would want the job.
    When Oregon fired Ernie Kent and went on a strike out mission to find a replacement I wondered why they didn’t look to their women’s program.
    Sitting right there was a coach with Championships in both the NBA and the WNBA.
    I thought for sure they would move Paul Westhead to the men’s team.
    I don’t even think they considered it.
    I suppose if you have a winning team you don’t muck it up just because the men bring in more money.

  3. Seems like a cute enough idea for a story but I don’t think it’s practical.

    (Now if the objective is to simply make a social statement, then hey, go for it.)

  4. you would take a TREMENDOUS step backwards for years. No stud basketball player would choose Tennessee with a woman coach, at least in the first few years. The program would likely clean up but be uncompetitive. Maybe, just maybe after it’s cleansing it would start to attract some recruits but I have doubts.

    Many a young basketball player have trouble taking direction from college coaches, never mind from a woman coach.

    Nice idea but in reality, no, not with a traditionally meaningful program like Tenn.

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