The Yellow Pages in 2011—Why?

We received our Yellow Pages today. They arrive annually at out front door, thus beginning the following ritual:

1. Thud!—Yellow Pages arrive.

2. Yellow Pages are picked up after sitting there.

3. Thud!—Yellow Pages are tossed into the recycling bin, never opened.

Of all the wasted resources in the world, nothing screams, “This is ludicrous!” more than the Yellow Pages. There’s just no need, in 2011, for such a book, and the people responsible for wasting, oh, millions of pieces of paper for such a product should be sent to the corner for 500 hours.

Like records and tapes, this ride is over.


12 thoughts on “The Yellow Pages in 2011—Why?”

  1. I’ve used the yellow pages about four times in the past year. My wife and I only use our cell phones in an emergency, otherwise they are turned off. We stopped cable TV and use an antenna only. We still use a VCR to tape programs. None of our TVs are flat screen, and our primary TV is 20 years+ and is a tube TV in a wood housing. It’s a 27 inch and still has a great picture, although Alex Trebek sometimes looks a little green. I’m not sure it’s the fault of the TV. I still buy CDs. Yeah, I guess we’re old, my wife and I, but we want for nothing. Just thought I’d share another viewpoint.

  2. I don’t disagree at all. I find it to be an infuriating waste of paper and resources.

    For better or worse, I feel the same way about newspapers and magazines who put their product on line.

    Don’t feel this way about books though with kindles, I guess the same could hold true.

    Would hate to see books disappear.

  3. Ted,

    Do you have an Internet connection in the house? You talk about the TVs you have. TVs don’t take the place of the yellow pages. Google does.

  4. Believe it or not there are huge numbers of people that don’t have computers. That aren’t connected to the world wide web in any way. Especially the elderly. They do things the way they have always done them and are blissfully happy living a simple life.
    There are also many who are too poor to be connected, most of them don’t feel they are missing anything.
    Of course those of us wasting hours on the internet instead of hiking, fishing, gardening, or whatever can’t understand those crazy people.

  5. Some people do use the phone book. It’s mostly for older folk who’ve never adopted the Internet.

    Also, phone books are kept around because they generate a ton of ad revenue.

  6. Maybe after I check out that googly thing I might work up the courage to “surf the net.” That really sounds fun. I hear there are things called “blogs” on the interweb. Maybe I might even “adopt the net”, although I may not live long enough. It would sure be a shame if I never got to leave a comment on one of those blog things. That’s OK…If my cell or my computer crap out this instant I’ll still be able to function as I’ve learned life skills that will enable me to persevere.

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