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OK, so here’s an interesting one. I blogged yesterday about seeing the legendary Bob Wolff at an autograph show, glumly sitting at a table as people stood nearby waiting for … Luis Tiant. Bob’s a friggin’ legend, after all, and it sorta bummed me out.

This morning I received an e-mail from Bob’s rep. I assumed he’d be mad or pointed, but instead he made a generous offer: Would I be interested in holding a jeffpearlman.com giveaway as a way to promote Bob’s new book, Bob Wolff’s Complete Guide to Sportscasting: How to Make it in Sportscasting With or Without the Talent.

Of course I would! The man, after all, is an icon.

So here we go—The Jeffpearlman.com Bob Wolff Trivia Challenge. Send your answers to anngold22@gmail.com. Five top scorers receive copies of Bob’s new book  …

1. Name all the men who have served as Van Halen’s lead singer.

2. The 1986 New York Mets featured two men who once played for the Detroit Tigers (before coming to New York). Who were they?

3. Name the only team in professional sports history to include two future state supreme court justices.

4. Rank in height order: Mike Lupica, Emmanuel Lewis, my mother, Spud Webb

5. Who replaced Steve Garvey as the Dodgers full-time starting first baseman?

6. What NFL team originally drafted Doug Flutie?

7. Name the USFL team that started two Heisman Trophy running backs together? And who were the players?

8. What New England journalist famously knocked out an NFL player in a lockerroom confrontation?

9. How did Shannon Hoon die?

10. What’s the first listed ingredient in Coca Cola?

• Bonus tie-breaker: Name the montage song after Rocky’s wife tells him “You can’t win!” in Rocky IV.

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  1. Your mother is Spud Webb?

    I was going to say Peter Cushing, Anthony Hopkins, and Hugh Jackman, but that’s Van HELSING.

    I’m easily confused these days.

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