A true April Fools story: II

Thanks to a proud Hen with a scanner named John Yocca, here’s the photo I referred to. Not my finest moment as a journalist, but a memorable prank at the time.

And here’s the entire front page of the greatest April Fools issue in college newspaper history …

3 thoughts on “A true April Fools story: II”

  1. See, your Jungian self already knew you were Hee-Haw bound!

    Gosh, to think of how many east-coast univ prezzies who gave it all up to be a part of the Hee-Haw happening — it’s touching. Derek Bok, Bart Giamatti, John Brademas — the twang was a forbidden siren to them, like the squeaking of a Minneapolis loo portal to Larry Craig. Nashville welcomed them all, in its quiet and clubby way.

  2. Did similar things in college. What are those bylines on there? I see, “Your Mother” (one of my favorite early-90s journalists).

  3. You just went up big time in my book. My school’s paper (ie the editorial board while I was there) would never have run the midget article.

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