Why the GOP is killing our government, by Michael J. Lewis

Mike Lewis is one of the good friends. He’s a writer for the newspaper down in Daytona Beach, as well as one of the most passionate scribes I know. He wrote this last night for his excellent blog, which you can get to here. Because we’re friends, and because he owes me $10, I decided to steal it and post it here. Why? Simply put, he’s 100 percent correct (Plus, I love the irony. We need to end abortion—and we need to reduce federal funding for programs that help with, among other things, child care for low-income families).

I am livid. Beyond livid. I don’t think outrage is strong enough of a word.
We’re going to have a federal government shutdown at midnight tonight. Eight hundred thousand people will be without a paycheck temporarily, incredibly important services will be shut down, national parks and zoos will be closed, and federal loan approvals will grind to a halt.
But who gives a crap about that? The important thing here, folks, is that women must NEVER be allowed to have the right to an abortion. Abortion is wrong, bad, illegal and disgusting, and how dare our government fund ANYTHING that gives money to a responsible, safe and 100 percent scandal-free group like Planned Parenthood.
The important thing is that the cultural and moral priorities of a few righteous, indignant a-holes take precedence over EVERYTHING. No government shall go on if a raped teenager can go to Planned Parenthood!!!
Right, Tea Partiers?
Because that’s what this is all about, folks. This is what the GOP schmucks are holding up the government deal about, according to numerous published reports Thursday. As usual, my fellow Democrats have once again backed down, acquiescing  to spending cuts that will, of course, affect the poor and middle class only.
The money part has been agreed to, and why wouldn’t it be? The Republicans are getting what they want, and winning as always.
But no, we don’t have a deal because GOP members of Congress are demanding that funding for the EPA (because who gives a damn about clear air and regulating businesses that pollute it?) and Planned Parenthood be eliminated, or no deal.
And once again, where is my President in all this? My president who is a Democrat, who was the Democratic nominee,  has once again decided to sit this one out. He’s laying the blame at the feet of Congress, without once, without ONCE, calling out these scumbags on the right for holding the government hostages.
As I said to a friend tonight, it’s like Obama “is scared to admit he’s a Democrat. Afraid to lead his own party.”
The hypocrisy of the right always astounds me, but this … After months and months of talking about the deficit and the national debt and spending cuts, they’re getting what they want. Just about everything they want.
But see, it was never about spending. It was never about deficits. It’s about force-feeding their conservative social views and making them the law of the land, and screw you if you don’t agree.
Go ahead, I say. Shut the whole government down. Let the public see that the right wingers have forced a cultural shutdown, not a budgetary one.
Makes me sick to my damn stomach. But if this is what the GOP wants, give it to ‘em.
Don’t you dare cave on women’s reproductive rights, or on the right for the EPA to investigate dirty practices, Democrats.
Shut. It. Down. And let the embers of this fire settle where they belong, onto the blood-soaked hands of those who think they know best when it comes to a woman’s body.

13 thoughts on “Why the GOP is killing our government, by Michael J. Lewis”

  1. I say shut the fucker down too. we’ll see just how many of those “non-essential” jobs that have been created during the last two years really are just that. The dems don’t create a budget when they have the majority, instead they wait 6 months to send one with a $1.5 trillion deficit and can’t cut anything from this? It’s about the spending!

  2. Sportswriting Refugee

    What about the fetus’s rights?

    Just saying.

    The points are valid, but of course you win the argument when you frame it as “women’s reproductive rights,” when that isn’t how the other side sees it. They see it as, “My right to swing my fist ends where another person’s nose begins.”

    Framing it as a “woman’s reproductive rights” is intellectually dishonest.

  3. Abortion isn’t going away. And instead of trained doctors performing the practice, women will now go to unlicensed offices to get the procedure. The term “back alley abortion” might become more common than you think.

  4. Jeff,Jeff, Jeff….didn’t I teach you better than this. Why don’t you do a better job at proofreading what you post?
    The entire article is posted twice!!! You have brought shame to the Mahopac school system once again.

  5. Say Doug, when the Republicans had the majority 5 years ago, how good were they about cutting spending? Yeah, I thought so. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  6. Abortion is a disgusting, immoral and necessary procedure. However, taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill for it. If you feel so strongly about a woman’s reproductive rights, set up an abortion scholorship fund. These providers can hold weekly contests for free abortions, details inside. I personally don’t give a shit what a woman does with her body, just don’t use tax payer money. Libs are all like this…they get indignant over welfare, and unemployment rights, and free abortions, yada yada…yet I am sure that Mr. Lewis or Mr. Pearlman have never made a private donation to Planned Parenthood. Go to the website…upper right hand corner. a big “DONATE” link. Put your money where your mouth is. You think a woman’s reproductive right to choose is so important…prove it.

  7. Sportswriting Refugee

    StingerBell: That’s a logical fallacy. You could make the same defense of almost anything illegal.

    “If people can’t use heroin legally, they’ll use dangerous heroin!”

  8. Jim K, they weren’t good, I think the deficit was around $475 billion. It’s more than three times that now and our credit cards are maxed. Three trillion in two years, that pace will bankrupt us quickly.

  9. Doug,

    Agreed, but you would think with a deficit like that, we could raise taxes on the super-rich. Since the GOP refuses to do that, I consider the whole exercise to be bogus.

  10. Eric, I contribute to Planned Parenthood because I feel they do good work. So much for your sweeping generalizations. And Refugee, what Stringer said essentially was if people could not get abortions legally they would get them illegally. Just as if people who can’t get heroin legally will get it illegally. No fallacy there. Your misstatement equating illegality and danger was the fallacy.

  11. Eric, You ARE a fool and have fallen for yet another lie that the Repbulicans try to perpetuate. There is already a ban on the use of federal funds to pay for abortions. About 3% of Planned Parenthood’s activities involve abortion, and none of it is paid for with your tax dollar. Planned Parenthood is about contraception (so that women don’t need abortions later), and mammograms, and pap smears. Stop watching Fox News and spend some time learning the truth.

  12. Ted, Danny A,

    My son smokes, 19 years old and smokes. Friends started doing it, so he’s got to, right. I hate it. Asks me for $20 to put 4 gallons of gas in the car (another rant for another day). Later that evening I find 3 packs of smokes in his sock drawer. “OH, no Dad…I didn’t use YOUR money to buy these cigarettes. I used the money you gave me for gas.”

    I’m not going to suggest that you are too obtuse to see the issue that I had with this situation…or the parallel of the government funding a group that performs abortions, but asking them to not use the monies on the abortions.

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