Today’s Wall Street Journal profile …

… is on Donald McPherson, the former Syracuse quarterback who now stands and walks tall as … a feminist. A wonderful man. An honor to write about him.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Wall Street Journal profile …”

  1. I like the article. In terms of the feminism, i think that unless we can openly criticize women in sports for poor performance, exactly like we do men, it will never be on an equal level. We seem to lower the bar in sports for women and i dont think thats a good idea.

  2. Maybe we will be able to do that once we give sportswomen one-fifth of the compensation and adulation for their efforts that we give to male athletes, m’kay?

    Thank you for this, Jeff, speaking as a male feminist. There are definitely issues whether organized sports really do teach good values to boys. Sorry to be tangential, but I’m reminded of a good article I read a while ago about a youth hockey team in small-town Canada. They’d found boys scored lower in reading comprehension than girls … so the coach of that team dedicated practice time to reading. Novel concept, eh?

    Thanks again.

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