Donald Trump: Please run

Not far away from my home, there is a Trump Building. It’s probably, oh, 40 floors, with luxury windows and luxury doors and a luxury gym.

It’s roughly 40 percent empty.

Not that Donald Trump probably cares. The building wasn’t actually constructed by him. He merely lent his name to the project, meaning there was little risk and high reward.

The thing is, little risk and high reward doesn’t extend to politics. Especially if one runs for the presidency of the United States. To take on such an endeavor, one must expect every business dealing … every connection … every tie-in to be analyzed, then analyzed again, then analyzed again. In other words, there’s no such thing as merely lending your name. If a business fails, it’s all you.

I bring this up because, in 1985, one of Trump’s businesses failed—miserably. At the time he was the owner of the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League. Trump was loathed by his fellow owners, because they viewed him first and foremost as a whore opportunist, desperate to attain money and fame while trampling over anyone dumb enough to stand in his way. Their main concern, in the realm of football, was Trump’s not-so-secret desire to have the USFL fold into the NFL, and the Generals became a third New York/New Jersey-based franchise for the big league. Hence, Trump led the USFL’s move to fall, as well as the league’s antitrust lawsuit against the NFL.

The result: The USFL vanished.

The culprit: Donald Trump.

I bring this up because I’m starting to think Trump might actually run for president. I’m not sure why, and I’m not sure how. But the GOP field looks awfully weak, and he’s gained some genuine—if not pathetic—traction with three-toothed Tea Partiers by demanding to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Maybe, just maybe, Trump’s ego is pushing the man where he really shouldn’t go. I’m not sure.

What I am sure of is this: Mitt Romney has a shot. Tim Pawlenty has a shot. Newt Gingrich might have a shot. Donald Trump has no shot. None. Why? Because he’s an empty suit; an arrogant, dismissive huckster with a shit TV show and a ton of scandal behind his name. One doesn’t spend 30 years in the real estate business by playing it clean. One can only imagine what’s behind Door No. 1.

What I dig most about Trump’s efforts is how the Tea Partiers are lining up behind him. Has there any been a less-Tea Party-like candidate than Trump? He’s not organic, he’s not patriotic, he’s a former Democrat and he’s greedy. Personally, I’d rather see President Palin than President Trump, and that’s—wait. I take that back.

I’ll take President Trump.

But only while vomiting.

PS: One thing I’ve been itching to say: Back when GWB was prez, anyone who questioned him during a time of war was sinful. Yet it’s OK for Trump, Hannity, Palin etc to continuously question aloud whether our president is lying about his origin? Without the slightest bit of reason or proof? Disgusting.

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Please run”

  1. What amazes me is the number of people that would want him to be President.
    The whole birther thing stinks of total incompetence.
    It has been shown with ABSOLUTE certainty Obama was born in Hawaii. Imagine having a President that can’t comprehend that very truth.
    It also tells me Trump has no substantial stand against Obama, so all he seems to have is fables and rumors of foreign birth conspiracies.
    A canidate with no substance, at least at this time.

  2. A bit off topic but somewhat related — Jeff, you almost never criticize the guy you voted for. You criticize GWB for the unnecessary wars (justifiably) but not a word on Obama’s own unnecessary war. You call out politicians for their flip-flopping, but not a word on President O’s egregious flip-flops on war, signing statements and the debt ceiling. A legit question — are you interested in principles or political party cheerleading? I don’t really care either way, it would just be nice to know where you stand.

    1. james, i’m usually pretty willing to slam myself here—but i must disagree. i think i’ve been pretty hard on obama …

      There are a bunch more. Should I be harder on him? Yeah, probably. But as much as I’m disappointed in his wimpiness, I’m 100 times more disgusted by the GOP. Hey, I am who I am …

  3. trump could never be a mainstream GOP candidate. as soon as it got serious they would start rolling the ads detailing how much he has donated to democratic candidates over the years. game over.

  4. Jeff,

    I think your charaterization of those of us who have been in Real Estate for thirty year’s as all being dirty isn’t fair. Some of us are decent people. Unlike Trump, we pay our contractors and don’t treat them like crap. We treat our tenants like valued customers and have good relationships with many of them. (If you are referring only to those of similar sizes to Trump’s organization, I still don’t accept your premise, at least not to the extent that real estate sinks to lower depths than any other business.)

    This isn’t to say that like in every other business, we don’t try to make the best deals we can and push the envelope on occasions.

    I don’t think any business is pristine.

    This does remind of the scene in Back To School where Rodney Dangerfield educates the teacher about the more realistic, non-utopian way a deal gets done. He wasn’t wrong, though the carting industry is much less (blatantly) mob-infested than when the movie was made.

    Trump will parrot Ross Perot. I wouldn’t be so dismissive. Our country seems to have achieved a much higher level of stupidity than ever before.

  5. If Trump wants to see Obama’s birth cert….then I want to see Trumps toupee>>Please join me in the new Toupeer’s/Comb Over movement. This movement would be just as wacky as this whole “Birther” nonsense. Move on already. I do not get it. Also, John Corker, Bobby Herbert and the rest of the Michigan Panthers want to thank Trump for killing the USFL.

  6. The man owned a casino that filed for bankruptcy!!!!!! How did that happen??? Doesn’t the house ALWAYS win? Why should we trust this man with our Treasury?

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