Seder IV: The Finale

Well, threw my first seder today.

Well, threw my last seder today.

I’m exhausted. Beyond exhausted. All that work and preparation and anguish. All that nervousness. Then people come. People eat. People leave.


Just said to this the wife: Unless you love to cook, which I don’t, the payoff isn’t worth the effort. I mean, I’m glad I had this experience. And the 15 people who attended are/were wonderful. But I’m not sure I understand the genuine buzz the wife and her sisters get from doing this sort of thing. For me, it was just hard. And there was too much food left over. And the only person I know who likes my carrot moosh is, well, me. And even I’m sorta over it.

But I did learn how to use a food processor. And an immersion blender. I created chocolate matzoh for the first time, and the fun is in the challenge as much as the actual occurance.

Plus, I picked up onion tips from Jessica Guggenheimer, my wonderful little sis-in-law, who spent the day with my guiding my kitchen efforts. Jessica was to me what Jerry Manuel was to Willie Randolph in New York several years back—an experienced hand who could guide me through the rough patches.

Here’s a taste of the day …

In conclusion: Glad it happened. Never need to see matzoh again. Gefilte fish is beyond nasty. Happy I’m married to a good chef.

Ready for bed …

3 thoughts on “Seder IV: The Finale”

  1. The more you do it the more comfortable you become – then you begin to be creative.
    The fun part (for me) about cooking is experimenting.
    So what if something doesn’t turn out. When you find that perfect combination, pure joy.
    That was quite the project for someone that isn’t comfortable in the kitchen, I’m impressed.

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