The Draft

I teach journalism here at Manhattanville College in Purchase, N.Y. We’re coming toward the end of the semester, which means one thing: The Draft.

For the final paper, my students are required to write a lengthy feature of a person of note. I don’t actually know what the phrase “person of note” means, but I try and snag people from sports, politics, entertainment, etc. Anyhow, this year’s list is a fantastic one, ranging from ESPN personalities to professional athletes to elected officials. This morning I had the students blindly snag numbers from my Miami Dolphins cap, then pick who they wanted to profile (* It’s insanely kind of the people to agree to participate. Shows that some folks don’t forget what it was to be a college student, just trying to work through the system). Laura Pena secured the top selection. Here’s how the first five went …

1. Gina Girolamo—Former VP of Comedy for NBC; now works for Alloy Entertainment.

2. Roy Firestone—Legendary host of ESPN’s Up Close.

3. Bob Ley—Veteran ESPN anchor.

4. Greg Orlando—Developer of video games/writer.

5. Stan Rubin—Big band leader.

My early analysis: Gina didn’t surprise at No. 1, because it’s not a class filled with sports fans, and she’s worked on some amazing shows (30 Rock, My Name is Earl). I thought Roy would go high, but I sorta figured Bob Ley might edge him out. Or Russ Ortiz, who only won 21 games for the Braves. Orlando at No. 4 is a shocker—he’s terribly overrated, and I once saw him pick his nose. That said, the guy holding the coveted four slot didn’t want to trade down, and he digs video games.

Stan Rubin was the darkhorse. He’s in his 70s, and performs a genre of music that doesn’t exactly ooze Manhattanville College. Or, in 2011, any college. That said, he may well be the most accomplished of the entire list. And he’s insanely talented. For those tracking the draft, Brian Hickey went sixth, Reggie Williams seventh, Jemele Hill eighth, Wendy Hagen ninth and Anyssa Jordan 10th.

The early class took 13, so we’ll see how the second round goes later today.

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