I am Coo Coo for that Cocoa! by Queshette Cauchi-Ward

Every teacher needs to have a student like Queshette Cauchi-Ward. Dynamic. Emotional. Passionate. On the first day of class this semester at Manhattanville College, I told Quechette that I liked the funkiness of her name. “Nah,” she said, “it’s a ghetto name.”

I asked her if she’d prefer Judy or Susan. She said yes.

But that wouldn’t be right. Queshette Cauchi-Ward is Queshette Cauchi-Ward, and she walks and talks with a unique splendor that would overwhelm a dull moniker.

I’m babbling. Here is her stance on why chocolate rules the world. I thought the take was genius …

Warm, cold, on a hot day or even in the snow, I don’t care when; I just know I want it. Chocolate.

It’s so rich and so sweet that the hangovers are so easy to come across. “I want to get chocolate wasted!” a little girl cries across the room. Why is it that this cocoa bean is so damn exciting to the sense of the human body? It is because it has been created in an unspeakable number of totally awesome delicious ways.

Chocolate can be milky, white, dark, peanut butter swirls, or coated by a sequence of nuts underneath. I don’t discriminate on any kind of chocolate. Chocolate can be packaged in a Hersey, Nestle, Godiva, or even Ferrero. It could be in the shape of shapes, or bunnies, or Christmas trees, or even a heart—no matter what it will always have my heart.

And when all else fails like a boyfriend, bad test grade, best friend, or mother nature, chocolate will always be great. It can never die. It’s always trying new ways to stay in our lives, even when the relationship with our jeans is telling us we can’t have both.

At the end of the day when I look at chocolate, it’s like a man looking at a sexy woman; I’m just wondering why it still has its clothes on. Yummy!

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