Thug life: III

Personally, I don’t believe the little guy …

How about you?

8 thoughts on “Thug life: III”

  1. I couldn’t believe him any less. The most telling part of the interview:

    “Don’t bully because you’ll end up getting hurt…bad.”

    He could have said, “Don’t bully because you’ll hurt someone’s feelings” or “Don’t bully because it’s the wrong thing to do.” But it’s clear that he doesn’t feel bad for being a bully—he feels bad that he got hurt.

    Kid’s got a lot of growing up to do.

  2. Let’s not demonize this kid. Yes, he did something wrong, but he’s still just a kid. I did my share of things that I’m not proud of as a kid and was a victim of some things that I’m sure other people were not proud of when they were kids. Hopefully, he has learned a valuable lesson, but you can’t expect a kid to fully appreciate that lesson yet.

  3. the little guy, i believe, saw an opportunity to punch an older, bigger kid who he thought wouldn’t retaliate. plenty of boys bully by punching in the arm or the stomach…but little Richard decided to strike first to the face.

    he shows no remorse. he accepts no responsibility. he certainly can’t apologize worth a damn.

    i feel for his two single parents, but this was an awful attempt at spin doctoring. the family’s only option is to admit wrongdoing, apologize and ask forgiveness. it never ceases to amaze me how few people are able to do that when they are obviously completely in the wrong…with video proof, even!

  4. I can’t judge.
    I really don’t know what went on before. Obviously he took it too far no matter what, but I haven’t walked in his shoes.

  5. yeah, the kid is a little shit. take this into consideration though: most bullies are that way because *they* are bullied too, and that is what they learn. it’s a little kid for crying out loud. give him a chance to grow up. the last thing that will teach him how to act in the future is a collective internet pile-on.

  6. Although as a kid, I was bullied and not a bully, I wouldn’t be too harsh on this kid. Look at the way the mom manipulated the on camera situation at the beginning of the interview. It usually comes from shitty circumstances at home. It sucks being a kid.

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