Derrick Rose and every journalist’s greatest fear

So Derrick Rose has been receiving much praise for his MVP speech—and he deserves it. The guy oozes class, and I’m thrilled to see someone of his ilk and apparent humility (as opposed to a certain member of the Miami Heat) accepting the trophy with honor and dignity.

That, however, isn’t what caught my eye about the above video.

What got me was Tim Chaney.

Tim, apparently, is the director of marketing for Kia Motors. He’s the man who opens the press conference by telling the world that, “At Kia Motos, we are true fans of the game and we’re very proud to be the official automotive partner of the NBA, as well as the official vehicle of the Chicago Bulls. Much like in the NBA, we believe in teamwork, dedication and performance. And as one of the fastest growing car brands in America, with a growing fan base of our own, we understand that work ethic, and a commitment to continuous improvement, are vital to success whether it’s on the court or on the road.”

This, of course, is the portion of the event that nobody—even Tim’s family, I’m guessing—pays attention to. I’ve been to hundreds of ’em, and the corporate guy in the suit stands there, rattles off a few words about GE or Sprint or Kia, throws in a few painful sports metaphors, then moves on. It’s brutal to watch in person, and just as bad on YouTube.

Unfortunately, it also fortells the future for many of us. With journalism in decline and the number of outlets decaying by the day, the future for unbiased reporters/writers is bleak.

One day, I could be Tim.

PS: The worst part is the quick photo, when the two stand side by side. Nobody wants Tim in the picture. Nobody. But there he is …