Gays shouldn’t be able to adopt children

That’s what Rick Santorum, Republican presidential candidate, believes. Hell, he’s said it 1,000 times. And he’s not alone. Not by a longshot.

Here’s an idea, Rick—watch this …

Rick, where you at? Where’s your voice? Hello? Hello? Anyone?

This is what I love—absolutely looooove—about much of the far, crazy right. They are decidedly against abortion. And yet, when gay couples actually want to bring kids who need families into an, ahem, family, the crazy conservatives scream, “No way! Not natural! No way!” Then, adding to the fun, they point to someone like Bristol Palin as an ode to morality and decency.

Oh, there’s more. These same conservatives want government out, out, out of our lives. Out! Lay your hands off my guns. Lay your hands off my money! But, when it comes to gays adopting—oh, no! There need to be laws. Constitutional amendments. Etc.

It’s disgraceful, but not surprising.

I’ve said this before, and I’m unwavering: There is nothing wrong with being gay. Nothing. Not only will I accept my children should they be gay, I’ll embrace and celebrate and love my children should they be gay. To me, it’s irrelevent. I want them to be happy, whole, fulfilled—period.

One more thing: I call Rick Santorum a presidential candidate out of habit. But he’s not, because—truth be told—he’s a dinosaur. His viewpoints are straight out of the 1950s, a different time, a different place, a different way of thinking. He is outdated, but lacks the vision and understanding to realize such.

I pity him.

15 thoughts on “Gays shouldn’t be able to adopt children”

  1. Gays shouldn’t be able to adopt kids. Instead those kids would be better served by living their lives in awful situations, without parents, without stability, without resources, without love, support, and guidance. Clearly, children are better off in orphanages or child service centers than in the homes of loving parents who just happen to be attracted to people of the same sex.

  2. Jeff, be honest…..if you were given a choice that your children are either Straight or Gay, and you cannot cop out and say “I’d love them just as much either way”, then what would your choice be?

    1. So IF your child WAS gay, and since you dont support gays, you would kick your own flesh and blood out of your life, out of your home?

      You wouldnt love your child for who they are?

  3. I’d prefer my kid be straight but I certainly wouldn’t love my child any less if he or she were gay. Would you? Really?

  4. Weak answer Jeff, a total cop out.
    Let’s pretend we are on The McLaughlin Group and it’s Sunday morning and I’m the host John McLaughlin:

    John: Mr. Pearlman, Yes or No. Do you WANT your kids to be Gay?

    We are waiting for Mr. Pearlman’s answer…….

    1. Wait, how is that a weak answer?

      If the question is, Do you want your kids to be gay? The answer is “Sure.” And if you ask, Do you want your kids to be straight, the answer is “Sure.” I don’t care. I don’t lean either way; don’t have an opinion. If you ask a guy whether he likes apples or oranges, and he says, “Both are great with me,” he’s not lying or being wishy-washy. Maybe he just liked both genres of fruit. Well, I’m happy if my kids’s gay; equally happy if my kid’s straight. That might be hard to grasp, but it’s 100% the truth. It makes ZERO difference to me. I want them to be whoever they are.

  5. I have a gay child.
    She is one of the most caring and loving people on this planet.
    With 4 kids I find I really don’t care if she is Gay or straight.
    I am a very committed Christian.

  6. Homosexuals can fuck each other in the asses all day if thats what floats their boat. They shoudln’t be allowed to promote their lifestyle to children.

    1. Just because gays and lesbians adopt the child it doesn’t mean that the child is going to follow their adopted parent’s footsteps. They have their own free will to live the life that they want. If they want to be gay, let them be gay. If they decide that they don’t want to love another man/woman, then let it be.

  7. I think gays shouldn’t be able to adopt kids also. I think its disgusting! I think just trying to raise these kids up into thinking being gay is okay to add to the gay community . I don’t have a problem with gays just the sin.

  8. I think gays SHOULD be allowed to adopt. Theyre people! Theyre just like you and me. It shouldnt matter if people are straight or gay. Theyre PEOPLE! Why would you discriminate against your people, your brothers and sisters?
    If you people would only have an open mind on things the world would be better and not messed up because of you who hate and discriminate people.

  9. Oh my Lord…all of these hater responses…it just boggles the mind. I’m trying to find information for my Agrumentative Essay about how gays should adopt and I’m supposed to have a counter arguement. So far I’ve read a lot of anti gayness and NONE OF YOU HAVE A GOOD REASON TO WHY GAYS CAN’T ADOPT. What is wrong with you people?! It’s not enough to just say that it’s a sin or it’s evil. You have to explain yourself or else people will just laugh and think that your an ignorant loser. I’m gay and want to adopt so badly. NO we don’t imprint others with our gayness. God loves all of his children and He is the symbol of love. Are you calling God, Father of All Creations, a sin? Gay couples LOVE each other. The sooner people realize that we are all the same, the sooner we would eliminate many problems that we ave today.

  10. Gay people are deviants so they shouldn’t be raising children. Children deserve a normal life not two faggot parents. What a screwed up society

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