Today’s piece …

… is about the worst foot ailment ever, plantar fasciitis.

In case you’ve noticed, I’m not writing regular columns for anymore. Have started doing longer features instead. To be honest, my columns were starting to, well, suck. I just don’t have much to say about day-to-day sports, and wanted to dig into deeper subjects.

5 thoughts on “Today’s piece …”

  1. Hi Jeff.

    First, thanks for the revolting picture. Second, thanks for the very enlightening article in SI. Third, what kind of sandals did your friend give you?


  2. Thank you. I always thought I had flat feet. Now I think it’s a pronation issue. I’ll bet that article has opened a lot of people’s eyes. Great idea for a feature, Jeff.

  3. Thanks for this article. I attended a 51s game 2 weeks ago and wondered what a guy like this was doing in AAA while Willie Harris and Scott Hairston were still on a major league roster. I attended yesterday’s game and saw that Podsednik was released earlier in the week. Hopefully he can work past this injury and get one last shot at the majors.

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