The baseball card

So my son is playing T-ball, and as tradition now dictates we’re supposed to order his baseball cards.

I actually dig this. A. Because it’s cool for him; B. Because it’s a neat keepsake; C. Because we didn’t have it when I was playing in the Mahopac Sports Association (that said, I still have my Dennis Gargano rookie card. Not sure why Dennis got one and I didn’t, but I’m a loyalist).

Anyhow, the wife was filling out the requisite details tonight:

Name: Emmett Pearlman

Age: 4

Favorite player: Mark Fidrych*

Position: Third Base

Bats: 10

I said, “What?”

The wife said, “You think that’s not right?”

Me: “I don’t understand.”

Wife: “He probably has 10 bats, right?”


* Emmett has his poster in his room; used to be my poster as a kid.