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  1. Too easy of a cheap shot. I don’t remember religion being a primary factor in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, etc. etc.

    1. Jim, this isn’t a place you wanna go. Religion wasn’t a factor in World War II? Really? Tell that to 6 million …

  2. The Pride of Curry

    Would religion have had something to do with it, or would a hatred of religion have to do with it? Because I don’t really think of Hitler as a crusader for Christianity or Catholicism, like in the Crusades.

  3. War is fought for all sorts of reasons, LAND being number one. Money #2. Revenge #3. Down the list there have been wars fought for religion.
    But even in the wars fought in the bible it was almost always (or always) over getting the land.

  4. Land isn’t necessarily a different reason for war than religion — land was fought over often because people of different religions could not coexist on that land.

  5. Religion and religion-inspired ideology have inspired many, if not most wars just as they inspire many if not most countries, including ours.

  6. People don’t willingly share land.
    It is either mine or it is going to be mine, if I want it.
    We tend to separate people by religion, but land wars have been fought by people of the same religion.
    Native American tribes warred on a regular basis, religion was not the cause.
    Same was true in Africa, and elsewhere.
    Vietnam has been a battle field before America, before France.
    Food, Water, Gold, Oil, the “necessities” of life. If we don’t have them we go and get them.
    War not a religious thing at all.

  7. “All you have to do is look at northern Ireland, the Middle East, Cashmere, the Inquisition, the Crusades, and the World Trade to see how seriously the religious folks take ‘Thou Shall Not Kill.’ The more devout they are, the more they see murder as being negotiable.”

    –George Carlin

    Yeah, war is not a religious thing at all. What was that cartoonist thinking?

  8. The Revolution, Hitler, Pearl Harbor, War of 1812, Wars between tribes in America, Africa, South Pacific, Mongol wars, An Lushan Rebellion, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iran Iraq war, Desert Storm, Etc.
    It amazes me how much people hate religion to the point they try to blame war on religion.
    Sure sometimes people of different faiths war but RARELY do they war because of the differences in religion.
    We war for Food and Water, Riches, Power, Honor, self preservation, freedom, and yes occasionally to wipe out other religions, Races or ethnic groups.
    Still ignorant people will do everything they can to blame God.

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