Writing in Panera today. About an hour ago this guy—50s, heavy—was sitting at a nearby table, reading. He complained to one of the server guys about something, seemed like a jerk about it. Complained again a few moments later about potato chips. When he got the bag, didn’t say Thank You. Red flag.

When he finally rose to leave, he left his table covered with shit. Panera isn’t that sort of place—everyone eats, then cleans up their stuff. I gave him a look of disbelief, but I wasn’t sure he caught it. Then, as he was leaving, he said loudly, to a restaurant employee, “… and this guy’s giving me dirty looks.”

I turned and said, “Yeah, I’m giving you a dirty look because you just leave your garbage on a table for others to clean up.”

He responded: “If you wanna clean it up, clean it. Go ahead …”

I was dumbfounded. “That’s pathetic,” I said. “You make the guys who work here clean up after you? Really?”

“So clean it,” he said. “Go clean it.”

I wanted to fucking punch the guy in the mouth.

Instead, he walked off.

Once he left, one of the employees approached. “You want a drink?” he said. “It’s on me.”

7 thoughts on “Gall”

  1. Nicely done Jeff. I’m always tempted to engage the thankless jerks in those types of situations but instead I end up stewing about it. I see that same thing happen at my local Panera. I’ll also buy you a drink.

  2. Good for you! I have to say that with so many loose cannons these days, I have a hard time speaking up about crap like that. (I’m also an exceptionally short woman.) However, I am also completely baffled at the trend of people leaving their shit behind for others. Don’t worry though; that guy will get his punch in the mouth someday.

  3. I haven’t worked the service industry in a long while, but it will never cease to baffle me how entitled people think they are and how they treat those in the service industry like crap.

  4. Well done Jeff. We all need to be more proactive as a society in calling out assholes. I’m guilty of not doing it enough. Again, well done.

  5. I like this story. Douchebags don’t get called out nearly enough. Rather, they usually end up succeeding and becoming CEOs, Senators, Prime Ministers, etc.

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