Mowing the grass

Earlier today my neighbor’s kid asked me why I mow my own lawn. “We just have someone who does it,” the tyke said.

I nodded.

Why do I mow my own lawn? Because I believe in doing things for myself. Because I love the smell of freshly cut grass. Because the local lawn guys charges $120 per month. Because it’s a wonderful thing to do on a sunny spring day, as the laughter of kids swirls around you. Because there’s something (I find a tad) rugged about the endeavor. Because I love when you start, and the grass looks like crap, and you finish and it looks wonderful.

Because I can.

We live in an era where too many people rely on too many other people to handle their shit. We, as a people, hire people to raise our children, prepare our meals, make out beds, invest our money, etc … etc. Sometimes I think the goal is to escape the monotony—we say we want children, but when the day-to-day agony arrives, we turn elsewhere. Same with a lawn.

So I mow.

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  1. I think the take-away from this post isn’t how you feel about mowing the lawn (cool, I grew tired of it personally years ago and our current house has no real yard, lol), but how the kid already has the entitlement personality disorder.

  2. I agree with all of Jeff’s reasons plus add pair of my own. I know I’ll either do a chore the right way or fix what I mess up. I did yard work with my sons today and then while the older boy changed the oil on his car the younger and I did the other. That’s the seed of my other reason, there is some value in spending time with your kids doing something together, even if it’s a chore. Sometimes, especially if it’s a chore.

  3. I just don’t understand the whole concept of lawn.
    I live in the Willamette Valley, the Grass Seed Capitol of the world.
    We used to grow food here. Corn, Beans, Peas, Cherries, Pears, Peaches.
    Now we grow lawns.
    Our food comes from California, Mexico, Peru, Texas…
    Those peaches that used to drip down your chin now double as a Baseball in a pinch.
    A Lawn, everyone fires up their gas powered lawnmower to spend part of their day cutting it.
    Water is short in so many places, but we water our lawn.
    It really blows me away when I see all that green grass in Arizona, Texas, or California.
    Lawns, one of the stupidest ideas man has come up with, unless you have a goat.

  4. Hire an American

    $120 a month in Westchester County? The must have illegals (or to use the P.C term “undocumented laborers”) doing the work there if they only charge $120. It’s funny, when I drive through the affluent suburbs of New York, I ALWAYS see illegals doing the yard work and NEVER the teenagers who LIVE in these neighborhoods doing the work. What happened to working for an allowance?
    I commend you for mowing your own lawn and when your children get older, I hope you pass this on to them to teach them the value of earning their money and the pride of making ones own lawn look nice. NEVER, EVER hire an illegal do what an AMERICAN should do.

  5. Hire an American – the key term in your post is what an american “should” do. They should but they don’t. Kudos to jeff on mowing your own lawn (and it’s true, you never mow another man’s lawn). the entitlement personality disorder is the reason why ‘illegals’ are here – they do the jobs that disenchanted/lazy americans don’t want to do. I don’t see american janitors cleaning up the bathroom of a bar at 3am when it closes down. I don’t see american bus boys working until 4am in diners when drunk idiots make a mess.

  6. Jeff –

    I find lawn mowing time incredibly good for thinking. The buzz of the lawn mower, the warmth of the sun, the smell of the grass, the chirping of the birds … it just puts me in the right frame of mind to find the answers to the problem of the day.

    Thanks for your post.

  7. My late grandfather told me when he was the ripe old age of 90, he wasn’t mowing his lawn any more.

    “I hired a young guy to do it for me. He’s 76.”

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