Gall: III

Since we’re on a roll … an e-mail from one of my international readers, Paul Tannahill.


can’t resist as well trying to tell you briefly about the shit some guy tried to pull on me saturday night here in London.
I had been out for a few pints with some friends, and was getting the train home, was about 11pm, train was not too busy but a decent number of people around. Most seats occupied. Saw a group of 4 seats, the ones with 2 seats opposite, and the guy I would describe as your quintessential computer nerd/geek on his laptop, sitting on aisle seat,  feet on seat opposite him, bag on other seat, and so blocking spare seat. I asked him to move feet, and bag so I could take a seat, he refused, which took me by surprise as most people oblige, so I just moved his bag, and he finally decided to remove feet, and i sat down.
he then proceeded to abuse me or at least ask why i didn’t just take other empty seats, i remained pretty calm said i shouldn’t have to with him taking up 4 seats, and i wanted this seat, he just called me so rude so rude, i had interrupted him etc …. then had the gall to ask me for my profession, thinking because of what it is i thought myself superior, i hesitated because well I am a lawyer by day,  and then thought, hey i don’t give a shit and told him, and well then he went right off, said i was high and mighty, and was rude i had interrupted his important work etc etc blah blah
by now i had knowing looks from people all through the carriage, even from a cute girl dare i say it, and another girl even decided she had to move seats, in case of a confrontation …. by now as well, a drunker guy behind started yelling at the geek as well about it, the geek said nothing to him, and the drunks girlfriend calmed him down
it gets better
I then couldn’t resist and asked the geek his profession, he just went on how he was so important and was so bust and eventually said something about designing toys or some shit, all the while not taking his eyes off the laptop … and still telling me to i was so rude why didn’t i choose another seat
then because he detected my accent he proceeded to ask where i was from, rattled off, canada, australia, even american – all the while not giving me the chance to answer, and now being a kiwi i am not easily offended, and just calmly said why does he need to know its not important, and again he said i was so rude??? ignored him for next 10 minutes
drunk guy got off, and geek asked if I knew him as well, cos he was rude and obnoxious like me – I just smiled and shook my head
and then soon enough my stop was up, and he was getting off at same one
finally thought i would tell him I was from New Zealand, he asked why i didn’t say so before, and that i was rude again??? how many times did he have to tell me that
as i walked to door, I just said well theres at least 30 people in this carriage that think i am not the rude one, that he is and maybe we should ask them all –  he had no response
doors opened and I walked out into the night thinking to myself well at least i put this guy in his place, and told the guy what everyone was thinking
best part is, he probably thought i would get aggressive and abusive at some point, but I din’t just stayed calm, and thought best way to be
others in the carriage that night probably told the story about some twat on the train home
so there you go Jeff, a bit long but hey amusing enough i reckon, and so it is not just the states that has people that really have no business being part of the the gene pool!
cheers –  not fussed if you post it, bit long though maybe, and not fussed if use my name, all in good fun i say

3 thoughts on “Gall: III”

  1. Gotta call BS on this one. If there were other seats available as the other guy said, then why not take one of them? I could see your point if there were no other seats, but if there were then why make a big deal of it? And why make the reference to the guy having a laptop and describe him as a computer nerd/geek? How is that relevant to anything? And throw in the fact that you admittedly had been out drinking and I start to wonder who was really the rude one that night.

  2. I ride public transportation to work 5 days a week and I see clowns like this bag and feet on the seat guy every day, even when it’s asses-to-elbows, standing room only in each train. It amazes me sometimes how unobservant people can be. Of course I also wish I had bigger balls when it came to confrontation. Kudos to you Jeff, this Kiwi and the gym towel person for saying something.

  3. J
    I think its more the point this guy was taking up 4 seats, basically taking the piss really! yes probably no point in describing as such, just putting pic of guy in mind for recap, if he was a jock or a suit, would have described as they are too – and well 3 beers, can’t say it impaired me that bad! just saying

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