The audacity of Sarah Palin (and her Jewish star)

So my friend Andy Dallos, a producer for Rachel Maddow, took the above photo yesterday in New York City. Today, when I saw Andy, I said, “Was she really wearing a Jewish star?”

“Yup,” he said.

This makes me want to vomit—hard.

Sarah Palin is a fraud. A total, complete, 100 percent fraud, capitalizing on the idiocy of a staggeringly large group of dumb Americans. I can only hope that, among these dolts, there are few Jews. Or, better yet, no Jews.

Politicians like Palin can talk, talk, talk their support of the Jews and Israel; they can bash the president for his seemingly indifferent attitude toward Israel (an attitude I largely agree with); they can say they stand with the Chosen People and will do everything—anything—to back Israeli independence.

But here’s the thing: Sarah Palin is a Biblical literalist. She has said so much. She believes in Adam and Eve; in David vs. Goliath; in Noah and the burning bush and the tablets. When asked whether she deems the Bible to be literal or mere analogy, she votes literal—every time. Which means, one must assume, that Sarah Palin believes the Jewish people are damned to hell, unless they (we) accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Hell, it says so much in the New Testament; that the only route toward eternal salvation is via the acceptance of Jesus.

In other words, I want to know where Palin stands. Where she really stands. Am I doomed to hell because I don’t believe in Jesus? How about Muslims? Agnostics? Atheists? Is she on a path toward righteousness that others must follow?

Until I know the answer, put your fucking Jewish star back in the Tiffany’s box.

You don’t have the right to wear it.

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  1. Nice post. Fundamentalist Christian “support” of Israel is extremely destructive to peace and is, frankly, creepy. I specifically recall Jerry Falwell (echoing Golda Meir) saying there is no such thing as Palenstinians. Seriously. Why don’t they get called on this more often?

  2. She shouldn’t wear the Star, that’s for sure. You make it sound as if Christians can’t support Israel and Jews. Surely you don’t mean that.

  3. christian fundies “support” israel precisely because they *want* war there. they think it’s needed for the beginning of end times.

  4. Some Christians do believe this, Jeff. For some Christians, if you don’t accept Christ, you’re going to Hell. They support Israel because they believe the Jewish people need to be in control of Israel in order to Jesus to come back. So, they need to be in control of Israel, and then they need either to convert or to burn.

    Jeremiah 32:30-41 talks about God’s promise to restore Israel. Some Christians believe John 14:6 means that you can only get into Heaven by accepting Christ. So, on judgment day, these Christians would posit that any Jew who does not accept Christ cannot go to Heaven.

    Obviously, Christianity is beset in a vast sea of differences in interpretation, but there are large numbers of people out there who believe this. I’d like to ask Palin if she does.

  5. Her wearing of the Star of David is not a religious statement, but a statement in support of the Jewish State of Israel. (The star IS on the Israeli flag, after all.) Obama’s actions of last week seriously undermines Israel’s security, and she is demonstrating her opposition to it. I seem to recall that there more Jews in NY than in place other than Israel. i think she’s making her position and statement of support pretty clear.

  6. The question really is, does Christ accept you?
    Accepting Christ is a beginning, but salvation is dependent on God choosing to save you.
    The historical Jews were a picture of that.
    Palin, like many, believes God still has a plan for Israel.
    The Bible (OT) says he has divorced himself from Israel.

  7. Not to give her any credit or anything, but it would really not surprise me if her response, if asked, would be something along the lines of, “Oh, I just thought it was a really pretty star.”

  8. On another topic, and I know it’s wrong to mock children, but Piper’s stare reminds me of one of the kids from “Village of the Damned.”

  9. Is it really censorship if he’s just not allowing you to speak your mind on HIS platform? You can say whatever the hell you want, but I don’t have to let you say it in my house.

  10. I’m not a fan of Palin, and can’t imagine ever voting for her.

    That said, I think it’s absolutely hysterical how people that hate her continually feed off nearly every move she makes.

    This includes Pearlman, who if I remember correctly posted about stopping such following of her in his blog. Now, the guy who mocks Christianity and tries to follow the “Bill Mahr Light” routine is suddenly revolted over her wearing a Jewish Star?

    Too funny.

  11. @Kevin…I couldn’t agree with you more. He did say on October 1st, 2010 “I have make an executive decision: Today is the last time I’m mentioning Sarah Palin on this blog.” See

    Jeff will definitely delete my comments and probably yours too because if you don’t share his world view, you won’t get a voice on his blog.
    I started following his blog because I really enjoyed his Dallas Cowboys book. However, he doesn’t realize that sports fans can be conservative too and sometimes find his comments offensive.

    @Drew – Mpls
    Then WHY does he have a comment section on his blog? I do not use profanity or racial slurs in my comments and I do not advertise products either. He simply doesn’t appreciate when people disagree with him.

  12. You might not agree with everything he says, but he’s not going to delete your comments. In fact, he’s one of the few authors out there who will step in the comments section and voice his opinion.

  13. It’s tough to defend a post when it’s based on an emotional reaction. Whatever they think in private, Palin publicly supports Israel and Obama goes out of his way in public to throw them under the bus. That would piss me off too.

  14. Can’t forget her throwing around ‘blood libel’ in the wake of the Arizona shooting, either. She’s a *real* piece of work.

  15. Duh…she is Jewish, but it’s so much worse than her wearing a so-called “Jewish Star” — a symbol that’s been around for thousands of years;certainly predating establishment of Rothschild funded “State of Israel” in 1948 — C’mon people. It’s called a “hex-a-gram” and for good reason, do some research and stop accepting things at face value!

    See how deep Palin (Lithuanian-Jew) rabbit hole goes…

    Google Anatomy of Sarah Palin

  16. 1. Your knee-jerk us-vs-them attitude is pretty much the reason peace in the Middle East is so elusive. I’m Christian, but I support and admire Jews – and Muslims – as they practice their faiths. I see no reason one cannot wear a cross, a Star or Muslim crescent regardless of their faith.
    2. How is it you know what Palin’s thinking? Are you psychic? Did you ask here?
    3. How do you justify your phrase “fucking Jewish star?” Highly childish, in my view, and far more disrespectful of Judaism than a non-Jew wearing a Star.
    4. If one knew your motives as well as you claim to know Palin’s, they might believe your goal is fame and circulation, rather than responsible journalism.

  17. Well John Kerry of massachussets has pretended to be a lot of things he is not for the mere sake of being elected. Lets see he pretended to be a war vet? (read the book unfit for command)and he pretended to be irish and flat out denied who he was in order to be elected! A medal hunter and a crypto jew. I know he is not a real jew but he is al least half. Im sure i read somewhere that both his parents are half jewish and half something else. But one thing you people are good at (the massachussets jews) that is YELLOW JOURNALISM and WINTER SOLDIERS!!!

  18. I have just one question…God has promised a Messiah since the Old Testament days, Jerusalem was destroyed, King Solomon’s Temple was destroyed, the earth was flooded, Babylon was destroyed, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed…MANY JEWS accepted Jesus Christ and all the things he did as the long awaited Messiah. SO to the question…what if you’re WRONG? What if Jesus Christ , A JEW…truly was who he claimed he was? And seeing as Jesus Christ was Jewish, why is it Christians are the bad guys for faithfully accepting a JEW as their Lord and Savior when clearly he is outcast and denied by his own just as it was prophesied in the OT that he would be? I am astonished that while billions of people the world over sing praises to Jesus Jewish name and heritage that the very blood line which he sprung forth from detests him TO THIS DAY. Now THAT… some powerful, long lasting, hard heartedness. Yes….I absolutely accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and one day….I’m sorely fearful that many Jews will be given that same choice of Jesus himself. To either look upon his scared hands, feet and side and accept him for who he is or turn and face their enemies and their destruction just as King Solomon of old.

  19. Like so many Christian fundies, Palin also believes in Biblical prophecies which promise the second coming after certain events that include the return of the Jewish people to Jerusalem, the outbreak of major wars, and the death of two thirds of all Jews. Jerusalem is back in Jewish hands since the State of Israel was born, now all that’s left is a large-scale war in the Middle East in which Israel suffers heavy losses. And that’s exactly why some Christian conservatives support anything that Israel does, especially if it upsets the Islamic world and moves Israel closer to a war with its neighbor countries. They can’t wait for Jesus to stick his head out of the clouds and rapture them away.

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