The audacity of Sarah Palin (and her Jewish star)

So my friend Andy Dallos, a producer for Rachel Maddow, took the above photo yesterday in New York City. Today, when I saw Andy, I said, “Was she really wearing a Jewish star?”

“Yup,” he said.

This makes me want to vomit—hard.

Sarah Palin is a fraud. A total, complete, 100 percent fraud, capitalizing on the idiocy of a staggeringly large group of dumb Americans. I can only hope that, among these dolts, there are few Jews. Or, better yet, no Jews.

Politicians like Palin can talk, talk, talk their support of the Jews and Israel; they can bash the president for his seemingly indifferent attitude toward Israel (an attitude I largely agree with); they can say they stand with the Chosen People and will do everything—anything—to back Israeli independence.

But here’s the thing: Sarah Palin is a Biblical literalist. She has said so much. She believes in Adam and Eve; in David vs. Goliath; in Noah and the burning bush and the tablets. When asked whether she deems the Bible to be literal or mere analogy, she votes literal—every time. Which means, one must assume, that Sarah Palin believes the Jewish people are damned to hell, unless they (we) accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Hell, it says so much in the New Testament; that the only route toward eternal salvation is via the acceptance of Jesus.

In other words, I want to know where Palin stands. Where she really stands. Am I doomed to hell because I don’t believe in Jesus? How about Muslims? Agnostics? Atheists? Is she on a path toward righteousness that others must follow?

Until I know the answer, put your fucking Jewish star back in the Tiffany’s box.

You don’t have the right to wear it.