Today’s piece …

… is on Eric Munson and the odd failure of No. 3 draft picks.

2 thoughts on “Today’s piece …”

  1. Love Michael Schur (KenTremendous), love you. But he had this to say about your article:

    ‘This author of this article could’ve just written, “Isn’t that a weird coincidence?” and saved a lot of time’!/kentremendous

    I loved one guy’s response back to Schur saying that: “Uh-oh, you’ve beein critical of Jeff Pearlman on Twitter. Time for him to impersonate a high school classmate & call your mom”

  2. Sportswriting Refugee

    Jeff, I read your WSJ piece on this the other day. You included Phil Humber on the list, which I guess is fair, but it would have also been fair to mention that he’s been tearing it up so far this year. He could be an All-Star, conceivably, as a sixth – sixth! – starter in his rotation. Could make a good feel-good column down the road.

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