Bobby Fetter, come home …

Bobby Fetter is a regular reader of this blog. He visits often, and usually posts angry responses blasting most of my positions. Bobby is either a true ring-wing crazy, or a left-wing crazy trying to look right wing.

Either way, he’s consistently opposed to all I believe in.

Which is why I love having him here.

A few days ago Bobby posted something that rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t recall what it was, but it offended me. Hence, I deleted it (my right as the blog operator). Bobby got mad and fired off a complaint—which I deleted. Then I deleted his next post. And his next.

Was I mad? No, not even remotely. I just found it sorta fun, watching him get angry.

But now I’m sad, because I dig the guy’s rants, and miss them terribly. So come back, Bobby. I apologize.