Bobby Fetter, come home …

Bobby Fetter is a regular reader of this blog. He visits often, and usually posts angry responses blasting most of my positions. Bobby is either a true ring-wing crazy, or a left-wing crazy trying to look right wing.

Either way, he’s consistently opposed to all I believe in.

Which is why I love having him here.

A few days ago Bobby posted something that rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t recall what it was, but it offended me. Hence, I deleted it (my right as the blog operator). Bobby got mad and fired off a complaint—which I deleted. Then I deleted his next post. And his next.

Was I mad? No, not even remotely. I just found it sorta fun, watching him get angry.

But now I’m sad, because I dig the guy’s rants, and miss them terribly. So come back, Bobby. I apologize.

3 thoughts on “Bobby Fetter, come home …”

  1. Wow…I blog entry devoted to me, I am humbled. I just got back from vacation and I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I accept your apology. I didn’t mean to offend anyone in my Post on your Palin article. All I recall saying is that wearing a necklace is a free speech issue and that she probably got it, or it was given to her when she visited Israel. If that offended you in any way, then you may have even thinner skin than the subject you are writing about. Judging by the comments alone, you got alot of traffic on this article. Even though you swore you would never mention her name again, your traffic appears to spike when you write about her. I will try not to sound like a “right wing nut” in my posts. I just thought I would remind you that if your fanbase is anything like the rest of the country, 45% lean right and 45% lean left and 10% are right in the middle. You are a really good write and I enjoy reading your blog (most of the time)

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