Dreaming the dream

Last night had one of those crazy realistic dreams. Was back at the University of Delaware, readying for final exams. For some reason I think the tests for all four of my classes are in the evening. I drive to school from my home (odd, because I live in New York), only to realize that I missed half my tests. Lori Raffa, a girl I was in second grade with, informs me I missed the tests.”You should make up an excuse,” she tells me.

I start freaking out, knowing I’ve pissed away my future.

Then I wake up—thrilled to be 39.

5 thoughts on “Dreaming the dream”

  1. Get those all the time, though the theme is typically that it’s exam time and I have missed almost the entire semester’s classes in one or more courses. I think it’s a manifestation of the permanent psychological trauma of 20+ years of the educational structure (though yes, I know education is a wonderful thing). Usually happens when work stress is high. Not hard to connect the dots.

  2. I have a recurring nightmare pretty similar to that: I’m in college and I realize that I have an English class that I’ve just completely forgotten to attend for most of the semester. I realize I’ve missed every test and assignment so far, and the final is only a few days away.

  3. This is funny. I still have dreams like that where I have miised an assignment or exam and it is too late to withdraw from the course.

    Waking up to find that I am a suburban dad is a huge relief.

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