Anthony Weiner’s weiner, and how it ends

Anthony Weiner insists he will not resign. No way. No how. He’ll fight. He’ll battle. He’ll …

Gimme a fucking break.

The egos of politicians amaze me. Outside of, oh, 200 New Yorkers, nobody gives a shit whether Anthony Weiner stays or goes. N-o-b-o-d-y. He surely believes, in standing firm, he’s fighting the good fight. But he’s not. As an elected public figure, he is responsible for representing not merely himself, but the people of his district. If Brad Pitt or Derek Jeter did the ol’ Twitter Schlong Dance, well, who cares? But this is different. This is an official elected and trusted to guard public righteousness … uh, Tweeting his erect package.

Do us all a favor—step down. Move away. Go off.

It’s over, bubs. Over.