Anthony Weiner’s weiner, and how it ends

Anthony Weiner insists he will not resign. No way. No how. He’ll fight. He’ll battle. He’ll …

Gimme a fucking break.

The egos of politicians amaze me. Outside of, oh, 200 New Yorkers, nobody gives a shit whether Anthony Weiner stays or goes. N-o-b-o-d-y. He surely believes, in standing firm, he’s fighting the good fight. But he’s not. As an elected public figure, he is responsible for representing not merely himself, but the people of his district. If Brad Pitt or Derek Jeter did the ol’ Twitter Schlong Dance, well, who cares? But this is different. This is an official elected and trusted to guard public righteousness … uh, Tweeting his erect package.

Do us all a favor—step down. Move away. Go off.

It’s over, bubs. Over.

18 thoughts on “Anthony Weiner’s weiner, and how it ends”

  1. I disagree. I don’t think Weiner’s a good guy, but why should he resign? So some other fucking insane person takes his place? In order to be a politician in this country, you have to be at least a little crazy. And I think the same gene that makes you say “I am important enough to lead the people!” is the same one that says “And I can do what I want without getting caught!” We cannot escape the insanity of politicians, but we can differentiate between their scandal-laden insanity and their legislative or executive prowess. For instance, Bill Clinton cheated on his wife while President and George W. Bush probably didn’t, but I’d still rather have Clinton in the White House, wouldn’t you?

  2. Oh, I shouldn’t have said the f word there. Sorry about that. Feel free to do the whole f— thing if that works.

  3. He should resign because the incident proves his judgement sucks.

    Clinton survived because a lot of people saw it as a perjury trap. Not the case here. Weiner created his own mess.

  4. And might I add, I’ll miss him. He has been highly entertaining, especially when he went toe to toe with Fox News. Democrats can use more firebrands like that. Just not ones that take photos of their junk.

  5. Agree with Jeff’s post. In sending the photos and later lying about them, he’s clearly demonstrated a lack of integrity and character to serve as an elected official.

  6. It’s the lying that bothers me.
    I understand we’re talking about a politician, lying and politics goes hand in hand.
    I’m tired of it though, if he stays I’m voting Newt for prez.
    Somebody has to have principles, besides his wife is an amazing person, just read a column on her. She is the real star of the family.

  7. JMK like Newt didn’t cheat on two wives? Every one knows that almost every congressman is bought and sold by some one and that they don’t always tell the truth. As for politicians resigning because there judgement sucks. We would have a new congress every week if they had to resign for bad judgement. And Bush would have been the first that should have gone.

  8. “As an elected public figure, he is responsible for representing not merely himself, but the people of his district.” Absolutely right. So if he runs again they can decide. In the interim, can we dial down the phony outrage?

  9. @Sanford
    “JMK like Newt didn’t cheat on two wives? ”
    That’s the point.
    If we continue to support liers and cheats what is to keep us from electing Newt?
    Somebodies sexual behavior has nothing to do with running the country, as long as it was not improperly imposed on someone.
    Lying about it, is a double whammy.
    If you support the Weiner man why not support a hypocrite like Newt?

  10. um, looking beyond all this, anthony weiner has done a phenomenal job holding the crazy repubs in check. and i always see him fighting for the common man. its a shame that he did this stupid thing, but i think hes done a great job as a congressman and what he did shouldnt force him to resign. there are much worse things politicians have done and said and didnt resign. strom thurmond and david duke anybody?

    now, if he legislated against social networking and twitter and bashed heterosexuals for texting and emailing explicit photos, and then got caught doing all said things that he is politically against, then thats a different story.

  11. jeff, sanfords piece runs completely contrary to your blog entry. i dont understand how you can say the piece was amazing. i agree with glen greenwald. i do not agree with you.

    1. jason, because when i writer can make you say, “man, maybe i’m wrong about this …” well, that’s the ultimate sign of a great argument.

  12. Jason,

    I guess the issue for me is, can you look and listen to him now and take him seriously. I did, but now I can’t.

  13. Jeff,

    Democrats believe that someone’s private moral sexual behavior should not be the government’s business, right? If that’s the case, why should Weiner resign and why are none of his Democrat colleagues coming forward to defend him?

    1. Brian, nobody’s defending him because politicians, come day’s end, are self-serving cowards looking out for their own skins. that’s without party as a factor.

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