The dumbest national figure I have ever seen …

… has to be Sarah Palin.

I know … I know—Jeff, you liberal jackass, where’s the outrage over Anthony Weiner? Fair enough. But Weiner has never been considered a potential presidential candidate. Palin is.

The below video is beyond staggering. If she wins—if she even comes close to winning … man.

Just, man.

Oh, and the “gotcha question” was along the lines of, “what have you seen here today?”

12 thoughts on “The dumbest national figure I have ever seen …”

  1. Of course, Palin previously thought a gotcha question was “what magazines do you read.” I don’t believe for a second that even the Republicans would nominate her, but if they do (and she survives the nomination process), I hope Obama doesn’t take it easy on her in debates (if they allow her to actually engage in a debate) like Biden did.

  2. she doesn’t actually want to run. she just wants to stay in the news, pretend she’s relevant, and most of all keep the checks rolling in.

  3. So… where *is* the outrage over Anthony Weiner?

    You’re an unprincipled political party cheerleader. You are what’s wrong with the political discourse in this country. If I had to nail down your political beliefs it’s “Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin suck”.

  4. Ok…here’s the deal with Palin. As a politician, she has as much chance and as much know-how to be a president as I do. But as a business woman, she knows what she is doing. She knows that if she simply just continues to play the media, the money will keep flowing. And the media whores will keep following her. I hate her with a passion because I think she is pretty much everything that I am not, but I can’t blame her for taking advantage of a desperate media and banking some cash.

  5. And just to clarify – Hannity sucks, Palin sucks, Trump sucks, Maddow sucks, Olbermann sucks – but none are worth paying attention to. The issues that matter aren’t discussed nearly as much as nonsense like this Palin-Revere thing. The unnecessary wars, the erosion of civil liberties, the debauching of our currency by the Federal Reserve printing press, the billions in foreign aid when our country is broke, the failing war on drugs, the building national debt – they all take a backseat to whatever dumb thing Sean Hannity said on his show last week.

    I’ve had enough of it. It’s okay to criticize the guy you voted for – I do it on a near daily basis, the difference between Candidate Obama and President Obama is disappointing – and it’s okay to criticize someone from your political party of choice.

  6. Shayes you bring up a valid point about her being a good business woman. She probably has earned in excess of $20 million since she resigned as governor.

    Like her or not can we agree on one thing? As someone who used to go running on some cold New York winter days, she has gone running in weather much worse. Can we at least give her credit for that?

  7. “Most historians have said she is right.” What a load of crap. One guy is interviewed, he admits he’s spoken to no one else, and the contortions he goes through to justify the dope’s comments are laughable. I sure as hell wouldn’t want my kid learning history at Suffolk . What a moron.

  8. Videos like this keep me up at night and make me question why I’m moving from Canada to Nevada at the beginning of September.

    But it’s not only Americans. Like I said to someone the other day, “The sad part about getting older is learning more each day that rationality, more often than anything else, escapes humanity.”

    This bull is never going to stop, anywhere. I’d tell my kids to eat their birthday cake each year with more than a friendly serving of ice cream and to forget about politics. They’d be the happiest most secure fk’ing people you ever met.

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