The Voice

So Rolling Stone recently ran a piece on how The Voice is battling American Idol for TV music supremacy.

Uh … no.

I’ve now watched three episodes of The Voice and it, well, sucks. Not just sorta sucks. Not just kinda sucks. Sucks very, very, very badly.

Let’s count the reasons …

1. On American Idol, Jennifer Lopez has repaired her reputation as a diva jerk. She’s funny, respectful, endearing. On The Voice, Christina Aguilera just seems … weird. And the Tweets have not been kind.

• The Voice is down to, I believe, 16 singers—one or two who are good enough to crack the Idol Top 32. I mean, the talent is really weak.

• The Voice format is extremely confusing/baffling/annoying.

• Carson Daly is no Ryan Seacrest.

• Etc … etc.

Terrible show. I’m thinking no second season.