The Voice

So Rolling Stone recently ran a piece on how The Voice is battling American Idol for TV music supremacy.

Uh … no.

I’ve now watched three episodes of The Voice and it, well, sucks. Not just sorta sucks. Not just kinda sucks. Sucks very, very, very badly.

Let’s count the reasons …

1. On American Idol, Jennifer Lopez has repaired her reputation as a diva jerk. She’s funny, respectful, endearing. On The Voice, Christina Aguilera just seems … weird. And the Tweets have not been kind.

• The Voice is down to, I believe, 16 singers—one or two who are good enough to crack the Idol Top 32. I mean, the talent is really weak.

• The Voice format is extremely confusing/baffling/annoying.

• Carson Daly is no Ryan Seacrest.

• Etc … etc.

Terrible show. I’m thinking no second season.

5 thoughts on “The Voice”

  1. Come on Jeff, you know more about the TV industry then that. As long as it keeps getting the ratings it’s been getting, NBC will continue to pump out seasons.

  2. Last night was the first full episode that my wife and I watched (although we fastforwarded through most of the chatter). I wouldn’t be quite as down on the talent as you. Think back to Idol’s first year, Justin freakin Guarini finished second. I’m sure they will get a talent spike the next couple of years.

    And yes it definitely will be around for awhile:

    I would like to see them change the “judges” each season though. And Xtina is definitely…odd.

  3. I watched some of the original selection episodes. Interesting to some degree. Xtina has to go- she was odd all around, and I had a hard time believing her praising other female singers- she seems to be enough of a diva that it just seemed fake to me.

    Once the actual competition started, I had no interest. Of course, that is how I watched Idol until I gave that up, too- initial selection shows were ok, but once they got into the competitions and cutting down to the best 100 or whatever? I was done.

  4. The preliminary rounds were great. The Battle rounds were awful. Each “coach” should have seeded his/her singers 1-8 and do it tournament style. Also, judges should have been turned around for that round too.

    The show had promise but the last 4 weeks were awful.

    Idol was a success because people want to see them be critical. A few last night were awful and no one said a word.

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