My town beats yours

Was walking through Manhattan yesterday, stumbled upon this scene down in the West Village area.

I love New York. L-o-v-e New York. If you haven’t lived here, you need to. I’m being serious. I know people are afraid of the city; are intimidated by the city; are turned off by the city. But, man, the place just oozes … everything. Food. Theatre. Fashion. Culture. Yesterday was a scorcher—probably 93 degrees, with little breeze to be found—and my T-shirt was soaked with sweat. Yet I had a semi-free day to walk and walk and walk. So I did.

On a side note, the book is done. Handed in my final revision copy yesterday, filled with jots and insertions and such. This is my longest. most-detailed, most-reported work yet. I’m excited. Nervous. Anxious.

OK, done babbling. Need to write …