My town beats yours

Was walking through Manhattan yesterday, stumbled upon this scene down in the West Village area.

I love New York. L-o-v-e New York. If you haven’t lived here, you need to. I’m being serious. I know people are afraid of the city; are intimidated by the city; are turned off by the city. But, man, the place just oozes … everything. Food. Theatre. Fashion. Culture. Yesterday was a scorcher—probably 93 degrees, with little breeze to be found—and my T-shirt was soaked with sweat. Yet I had a semi-free day to walk and walk and walk. So I did.

On a side note, the book is done. Handed in my final revision copy yesterday, filled with jots and insertions and such. This is my longest. most-detailed, most-reported work yet. I’m excited. Nervous. Anxious.

OK, done babbling. Need to write …

6 thoughts on “My town beats yours”

  1. muhammed goldstein

    People who don’t like New York..well, enjoy driving to Wal-Mart on a Saturday afternoon for your culture!

  2. Mu Go
    There is culture elsewhere.
    Within walking distance of my home there is a nice park, two years ago I listened to Rock Legend (if you know your history), Nokie Edwards, play.
    A bit further downstream Jethro Tull plays in a week. The Moody Blues just left.
    Good shows all summer.
    Last winter Elton John was in town at the Matthew Knight Arena. The 8th-12th at the Arena – Cirque Du Soleil.
    The Hult center has ballet, opera, symphonies, as resident companies.
    Then there is the 3 day Oregon Country Fair to get your fill of the counterculture.
    Even small towns can have culture. Tiny Ashland, Oregon is famous for it’s Tony award winning theater.
    On top of that 45 feet from my kitchen window runs a nice river with a beautiful set of rapids.
    Fish for Salmon, Steelhead, trout.
    Raft, or tube downstream.
    Last year I watched a Bald Eagle preen itself on some rocks in the middle of the river. -Beat That-
    Not claiming that NY doesn’t overwhelm with opportunities. Just saying people that think NY is the only cultured place are as smart as pumice. Or maybe not quite that smart.

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